Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday School Freebie

Our Springtime Homeschool Video Fest!
This freebie is good Friday-Sunday!
Catch our Spring collection of great streaming videos -
fun, educational viewing for all ages! Your kids will LOVE these.
Make 'em get their schoolwork done first, because they'll want to
watch these over and over.
(Psst: If you know of a cool online video that other families would
love to see, send us a link and we may include it in our Friday fest!)

Printable Coupons
Country Choice Organic Product $1 off any
Save $2.00 on a 10-pack multi-pack of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken or Purrfectly Fish Entrées!
Borden Cheese Singles 55 cents
Matzos $1 brick coupon
Coast Body Wash $1 brick coupon

Target Marketing
Free subscription to Accounting Target Marketing Magazine - Target Marketing covers all direct response media, including direct mail, telemarketing, space advertising, the Web and direct response TV. (US)

Free Samples
Burgies Organic Laundry Detergent Sample

CurrClick Freebie
Here'a a FREEBIE from Teacher Book Bag! Bossie the cow brings her best capital alphabetical letters. To celebrate the beauty of spring in Kentucky (that's where we're based), she's decorated them with beautiful, brightly colored flowers. These are not formatted letters. Rather, they're stylized for fun! Have your children use them to decorate their notebooking pages, create their names in all caps, and generally have fun. Go here to get this freebie.

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