Thursday, October 30, 2008

Triple Coupon Alert!

TRIPLE COUPON AT HARRIS TEETER NOV.6-9, 2008 Thanks Centsible Savings!
I've also heard this is a good weekend to buy newspapers with coupon inserts!
Here's how Harris Teeter works with coupons:
Up to 20 coupons 99 cents and below can be tripled per vic card per day. Any additional coupons 99 cents and below will be taken at face value if used in that same shopping trip! You can use as many $1 and up coupons as you like! They will also only triple up to four of the same type of coupon so for example if you have 4 (50 cent coupons off of success rice), all 4 will be tripled!
Buy one get one free items are charged at half price so you should be able to use one coupon per item. Some cashiers will, some will not. If a cashier I know is working, I do it, if not I get one item in one order and use one coupon and then get 1 item on another order.
If you are new to couponing, this is a great time to get excited about using coupons and a great time to stock up for the holidays!
Extra tip! Thursday's at Harris Teeter are wine discount and senior discount day! If it is possible, I advise getting there around 6:00-7:00 a.m. and doing your shopping. Items will be in stock and not a lot of people will be there yet! I know that's early, but believe me, it's a lot less stressful.
So, go organize your coupons, weed out the expired ones(don't throw them away, my next post will tell you what to do with them!) and happy couponing!
Here are two coupons to use at Harris Teeter this week!

Progresso soup $1.10 (you can print twice on one computer)

Stonyfield 50 cents off of 3 (should double to $1, can only print once: there are a lot more coupons available on this website, you might want to wait till triple coupon week to use some of them!)

K-MART DOUBLE DOLLAR DAYS: goes till Nov.1, it's not too late to go to your local k-mart and save with their double dollar deals! They are doubling coupons up to $2. That means any coupon .o1 cent to $2 will be doubled. Yes, a $2 coupon will equal $4!!. Just call your local k-mart to make sure they are participating. Sometimes they might ask you to bring in a flier or printed ad off the internet. Before you go, register at to receive their emails and your confirmation email should include a coupon off of your total purchase. Usually $5 off of $50.
A lot of times there are fliers that include coupons near the front of the store or near the customer service desk so check those out before shopping!

Have fun!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Caffeinated Coupons Giveaway Winner and new blog Kids 4 Koupons

Caffeinated Coupons Giveaway Winner!

Hi everybody! It's been a busy week. Two of my kids have a homeschool unit study they are participating in this week and getting out of the door in the morning is something I am not used to! It really makes me appreciate being able to be home with my kids! The winner of the caffeinated coupon giveaway is Theresa. Email me with your mailbox info and those will be mailed as soon as possible!


Check out the post from 10-25 about the kids contest to win a Bic Mark-it Marker!


Check out this new blog my daughter and I have come up with to give her and your kids a creative outlet to discuss coupons and how they can help save money for your household!

Popcorn Printables

Go to Jolly Time and Register to print out 2 coupons here

Go here to print a coupon for Orville Redenbacher's Natural Gourmet Popping Corn

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Sorry I'm late in posting this, I had a bad headache and had to get the household back in order before I could get back on the computer.
I would like to do a small contest for kids to enter. The prize this time will be a Bic Mark it Marker, probably the color blue or green.
The contest is to come up with an acronym for coupons. For example:


This can be a joint effort between you and your child, you do not need to mention your child's name if you do not want to. Just post the acronym with a way to get back in touch with you in case your child is the winner. The contest will go until Wednesday, October 29. I am going to try to have a simple contest each Saturday that encourages kids to think about different ways to help your household save money and also encourage them in a fun way to write down their thoughts. In case you are wondering, I will not be the judge. My daughter and a older friend that we haven't picked yet will be the judges. Make sure you put your comment under the post
Contest for kids. Tell your friends, and of course subscribing to this post guarantees you will know fast what the latest giveaway might be!
Something very thoughtful my daughter has started doing is to grab coupons that are on each aisle and looks to see if the coupons are helpful or not for that particular grocery trip! Great practical way to do math! My 5 year old has also started looking at the prices on everything and saying Look mama, there's a 99! Kids are great! Thank the Lord He let's us share in the responsibility of raising them!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Free Samples Are Great

Free samples are great! Why? Well, first of all they are FREE, second, many times they come with a coupon. If for some reason you do not necesarrily need all those free samples yourself, here are some suggestions as to why you should still get them:
Homeless shelters
Samples are nice to add to gift baskets for showers or a small gift for Somebody who needs a pick-me-up
Friends who have blogs could use them for giveaways(small hint for all my local friends-smile!)
Guest bathroom stocked with samples that guests can use and take home (especially lady friendly products)
Keep samples stocked up in overnight bag that might need to be grabbed in a hurry
Emergency bag ready to grab if you need to run out of the house in an emergency
Extra free coupons

Do you get the point? Order those free samples!

Here are some to get you started:
Nutrional Tree Reviticil wrinkle and eye cream always has samples

Betty crocker instant potato pouch and coupon

Well, I have to go take care of the munchkins: I'll try to add more later!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday ad specials

Lowes Foods: Kellog's select cereals are B1G1 free: 3.15 each one charged at half price!

Use all those 1 dollar coupons off of and get cereal for about 60 cents a box!
Stock up!

I'll add more later in the day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to (Julie) and (Ryan and Michelle) for winning an envelope with over 200 coupons. The cool thing is I went through my huge stash and was able to make 2 more envelopes with 200 coupons each. The winners of these two are Pam and Nikki. Email me at with your address info. Check out my post on caffeinated coupons for another coupon giveaway. It says 20 but it will more likely be somewhere between 30-40!!
If the coupons work for you please come back to my site and leave a comment letting me know and think about subscribing!
Now here is the funny story behind this giveaway. Of course as a new blogger I was checking my blog way too much to see if there were any comments or subscribers. Of course my ever faithful mom(one of the best) was my first subscriber but for several days I emailed and advertised and still no response, then last night I was just about to get really discouraged and I accidently went to my dashboard and saw there were 13 comments! I was one big smile! They just needed to be moderated! So, now I know to check my dashboard when I sign in! And by this morning there were about 20-22. For a newbie that is very exciting. I hope you all can feel the joy jumping off the page!

OK- Here's my mailbox freebies since last week. $30 back from Staples, $5 from SC Johnson for an action scrubber, $100 gift card from Walgreens, $4 back from Land 0 Lakes butter,
misc. coupons from a Pamper mailer, dove coupons, Pantene Expressions sample and coupons,
O Magazine, Town and Country magazine, Parents magazine and tote plus coupon from vitamin company! Snailmail is great! Getting paid to shop is better!

The ultimate free gift is of course this:
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Thanks again for your awesome and encouraging comments!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Doggy coupons/samples/freebies!

Printable Milkbone coupon $1 off

Free sample of chesapeakeaussie thanks to Frugal, Freebies and Deals

Check out Purina for: free can of Mighty Dog, $5 printable coupon off SecondNature dog litter

Go to Pedigree for printible offers and contest!

Go to Breeder's choice to find out how to buy one bag, send in receipt and get a voucher for some free dog or cat food. Sign up to be on their special offers email list! And sign up for contest to win free dog food for a year.

You know, there are days when you wonder if you are raising your kids right and then there are days where the Lord lets little things happen to encourage you. This is one of these days that I am very thankful for. My 3 yr old went outside to play and came back in with clothes off the line in a basket for me. How awesome is that. My 5 yr old right now loves doing schoolwork!

My one yr old, well let's just say he's 1 going on about 2!! Does that tell you anything? My husband got to stay home today so homeschool was part regular schoolwork and the rest was learning how to build a deerstand, fielddressing a deer, spraypainting(legal graffiti), and all kinds of manly things which of course gave me some time to do other things like blogging! (smile)

More freebies in the mailbox! Degree sample from Sam's and instant potatoes from

Betty Crocker

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great Giveaways!

Go to Deal Seeking Mom for her weekly Giveaway Gathering!

Go Freebies 4 Mom for a ton of giveaways!

And enter a comment either on this post or my other giveaway post to win one of 2 envelopes with 200 coupons each. A lot of them expire 10-31-08. If I get a response by tomorrow night, I will mail them out Tuesday. Diaper and wipe coupons, freezer, food, pet, health/beauty, and cleaning coupons!!! I haven't figured out the thing yet so I will be drawing names the old fashioned way. I'll put them in a hat and let the husband draw!

Don't throw away your Parade insert from the newspapers, there's at least 4 coupons in there!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Caffeinated Coupons

Get your Caffeinated and maybe decaf coupons/samples at these sites:

Folgers Finest Roasts coupon

Folgers coffee sample thanks to Frugal, Freebies and Deals

Do you need some cream for that coffee? Go here to Land O Lakes and print a 75 cents off coupon for half n half.

How about a sweetener? Try a splenda sample. Thanks to Common Sense with Money !
Or try a coupon for sweet n low or maybe sugar in the raw. Thanks to My Penny Pile!

Leave a comment about this post and you will be entered in a drawing to win about 20 coupons towards coffee, sweeteners, cereal bars and some breath fresheners!
Deadline: October, 24, 2008.

Free Baby Coupons

Are you expecting or still have little ones in diapers. Go to these sites to sign up for coupons delivered right to your mailbox!




Here's some more great baby sign up sites:

Enfamil, nestle goodstart , earthsbest baby food, and beechnut baby food

Extra tip: Make sure you check out your grocery store's website, for example Food Lion has special baby coupons you can print out and combine with manufacturer coupons for extra savings!( To do this you have to sign up with your mvp card)
Check out your doctor's office during visits, there are usually postcards to sign up to receive American Baby magazine and other stuff for free! A lot of times there are coupons in these magazines.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My First Giveaway!!!

I have a ton of coupons that need to be used by 10/31 and some other coupons to give away.

There are two envelopes ready to be mailed each containing about 200 coupons for every aisle!

Baby, food, health and beauty, cleaning, pet, frozen! I haven't figured out how to use the thing yet so the drawing will be done the old fashioned way. I'll put the names in a hat and let my husband draw two. I'll mail them out Tuesday, Oct. 21. This giveaway will end 8:00 P.M. eastern time on Monday, Oct. 20, 2008. Just leave an encouraging comment to a new blogger!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Subcriptions: Free devotionals and newsletters that will increase your faith!

I hope for all of you that Sundays are a day of rest. Sometimes it's a little hectic getting to church but once we make it there, it's a time to fellowship with The Lord and His people. We usually come home to leftovers or Totinos pizza so the afternoon is freed up for rest and fun.
I like to catch up on reading so I thought my Sunday blogs could focus on free newsletters and magazines that will encourage you in the faith. Check out the following sites. Most of them have email or snailmail versions. One of my favorites is Above Rubies magazine. It comes about 4 times a year and has great testimonies, homeschooling ideas and much more. This site also has various devotionals that can be emailed to your inbox. Answers in Genesis is a newsletter that keeps you up to date on creation issues. Have any of you been to their new museum? The last magazine I listed for today is from NGJ ministries. Go to their site for tips on marriage, homeschooling and more!

Answers in Genesis

No Greater Joy

Sunday Samples

Emergen-C sample Thanks to

Fiber One cereal and granola bar and $3 in coupons thanks to

Sunday Ads

For Walgreens and CVS deals go visit

For Rite-Aid deals go to


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cinnamon Roll Saturday

I'm dedicating today's post to my daughter. I've been teaching her the last couple of months on how to use coupons effectively. I pay her a small fee for cutting coupons (she actually made $11). Then she learns how to pay a tithe and offering, save and spend a little. I know she's getting it because her teacher said in class the other day that she explained how to take a coupon to Walgreen's, save on a product and then send in the receipt to get back the full rebate amount!
Anyway, I usually get Pilsbury Cinnamon rolls pretty cheap and she had the idea of the nickname Cinnamon roll Saturday. So, I thought that Saturdays could be for hearing your kid's ideas about couponing and how you teach them to use money wisely.
Here are some 'sweet' coupon/freebie sites:


Friday, October 10, 2008

Once upon a Qpon Debut Post!

Once upon a Qpon in the land of Spend-a-lot, there arose an army of savers, determined to stretch the 'mighty dollar' as far as it would go. Who says the dollar is not worth much? With a few hours a week of your time, $1 can become worth $10!!!! Come join myself and others in the noble quest of saving more while spending less.
For several years now, I have been finetuning the art of using coupons to match sale ads to make our household income go farther. Despite the growth of our family(blessed with 4 now), the money we spend on groceries has actually decreased!
I am brand new at blogging but I hope to direct your attention to all the available resources out there that will creatively increase the value of your pocket change!