Friday, October 10, 2008

Once upon a Qpon Debut Post!

Once upon a Qpon in the land of Spend-a-lot, there arose an army of savers, determined to stretch the 'mighty dollar' as far as it would go. Who says the dollar is not worth much? With a few hours a week of your time, $1 can become worth $10!!!! Come join myself and others in the noble quest of saving more while spending less.
For several years now, I have been finetuning the art of using coupons to match sale ads to make our household income go farther. Despite the growth of our family(blessed with 4 now), the money we spend on groceries has actually decreased!
I am brand new at blogging but I hope to direct your attention to all the available resources out there that will creatively increase the value of your pocket change!


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