Monday, October 20, 2008

Doggy coupons/samples/freebies!

Printable Milkbone coupon $1 off

Free sample of chesapeakeaussie thanks to Frugal, Freebies and Deals

Check out Purina for: free can of Mighty Dog, $5 printable coupon off SecondNature dog litter

Go to Pedigree for printible offers and contest!

Go to Breeder's choice to find out how to buy one bag, send in receipt and get a voucher for some free dog or cat food. Sign up to be on their special offers email list! And sign up for contest to win free dog food for a year.

You know, there are days when you wonder if you are raising your kids right and then there are days where the Lord lets little things happen to encourage you. This is one of these days that I am very thankful for. My 3 yr old went outside to play and came back in with clothes off the line in a basket for me. How awesome is that. My 5 yr old right now loves doing schoolwork!

My one yr old, well let's just say he's 1 going on about 2!! Does that tell you anything? My husband got to stay home today so homeschool was part regular schoolwork and the rest was learning how to build a deerstand, fielddressing a deer, spraypainting(legal graffiti), and all kinds of manly things which of course gave me some time to do other things like blogging! (smile)

More freebies in the mailbox! Degree sample from Sam's and instant potatoes from

Betty Crocker

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