Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to (Julie) and (Ryan and Michelle) for winning an envelope with over 200 coupons. The cool thing is I went through my huge stash and was able to make 2 more envelopes with 200 coupons each. The winners of these two are Pam and Nikki. Email me at onceuponaqpon@gmail.com with your address info. Check out my post on caffeinated coupons for another coupon giveaway. It says 20 but it will more likely be somewhere between 30-40!!
If the coupons work for you please come back to my site and leave a comment letting me know and think about subscribing!
Now here is the funny story behind this giveaway. Of course as a new blogger I was checking my blog way too much to see if there were any comments or subscribers. Of course my ever faithful mom(one of the best) was my first subscriber but for several days I emailed and advertised and still no response, then last night I was just about to get really discouraged and I accidently went to my dashboard and saw there were 13 comments! I was one big smile! They just needed to be moderated! So, now I know to check my dashboard when I sign in! And by this morning there were about 20-22. For a newbie that is very exciting. I hope you all can feel the joy jumping off the page!

OK- Here's my mailbox freebies since last week. $30 back from Staples, $5 from SC Johnson for an action scrubber, $100 gift card from Walgreens, $4 back from Land 0 Lakes butter,
misc. coupons from a Pamper mailer, dove coupons, Pantene Expressions sample and coupons,
O Magazine, Town and Country magazine, Parents magazine and tote plus coupon from vitamin company! Snailmail is great! Getting paid to shop is better!

The ultimate free gift is of course this:
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Thanks again for your awesome and encouraging comments!



  1. I love comments too... it just makes me all warm and giggly! LOL

  2. I was SOO excited when I saw my envelope of fun in the mailbox! I can't believe how many coupons there were! And you had enough for 2 more? Where do you get all these?

    Also, I took a stack to my friends at church (there's no way I could use all of those before they expire) and they were pretty excited too! thanks again!