Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Subcriptions: Free devotionals and newsletters that will increase your faith!

I hope for all of you that Sundays are a day of rest. Sometimes it's a little hectic getting to church but once we make it there, it's a time to fellowship with The Lord and His people. We usually come home to leftovers or Totinos pizza so the afternoon is freed up for rest and fun.
I like to catch up on reading so I thought my Sunday blogs could focus on free newsletters and magazines that will encourage you in the faith. Check out the following sites. Most of them have email or snailmail versions. One of my favorites is Above Rubies magazine. It comes about 4 times a year and has great testimonies, homeschooling ideas and much more. This site also has various devotionals that can be emailed to your inbox. Answers in Genesis is a newsletter that keeps you up to date on creation issues. Have any of you been to their new museum? The last magazine I listed for today is from NGJ ministries. Go to their site for tips on marriage, homeschooling and more!

Answers in Genesis

No Greater Joy

Sunday Samples

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