Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Imperial Sugar
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Northland Juices
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Organic Praire Coupon
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ghiradelli Chocolate
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Quaker Instant Oats
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Viva Towels
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grapevine Studies
Free e-lesson: The 12 apostles

Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby Barn Samples
Try a Free Sample of their Baby Body and Hair Wash and Soft Skin Baby Lotion
Pet Food Sample
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sam's Gift Card Winner

Congratulations to lmurley2000 for winning the $25 gift card to Sam's!
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Ola Loa
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HotDog Coupon
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 Yogurt Coupon
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Monday, August 16, 2010

CurrClick SpecialAmazing Baby Animals unit on puppies brings the puppies right into your home, without the responsibility of training! Whether your student(s) have pets or not, this informative unit will give them an understanding about puppies from the time the mother dog is pregnant until the puppies grow up. Puppies truly are amazing animals! Three assignements, vocabulary words, adorable photographs, and journaling pages with a real-life journal complete this unit to make it fun and educational at the same time! We keep our prices low so you can get more - much more - for your dollar!

This is part of their Back To School Special with products up to 75% off!
New e-lesson from Grapevine Studies
The Gospel in Stick Figures
This is an easy way to draw and learn history!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Facebook Freebie
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CuurClick Special

If you haven't ever visited this site, now is definitely the time!
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Have you started school yet this year? Our family homeschools and we are easing back into it.  Lots of games like jr. scrabble, go fish and trips to the library to earn reading awards! What do you do to make starting school back a fun experience? I would love to hear your ideas.!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

As your family starts to think about the new school year, you may be wondering how you can collect the most Box Tops to help support participating schools in your area.

For an easy solution, head over to your local Sam´s Club from Aug. 11 through Aug. 31 and earn more cash for your school. At the Sam´s Club Back-to-School event, you can get a head start on your collection and find 6 Box Tops on participating General Mills products. With your favorite Box Tops for Education brands at a great value, Sam´s Club is your one-stop destination for all your back-to-school supplies you need to send your kids off to school with confidence!

In addition, Sam´s Club is giving you the opportunity to earn even more Box Tops when you upgrade to a "Plus Membership." From Aug. 6 - Aug. 13, or while supplies last, visit the Member Services Desk of your local Sam´s Club and upon payment for your Plus Membership, you will receive a certificate for 150 Bonus Box Tops! For more information on how you can take advantage of the Back-to-School event at Sam´s Club, visit http://www.samsclub.com/ today!

With this review I received an upgrade to a plus membership and a $25 gift card and plan on making a trip this week to stock up!

My Blog Spark is also offering to give away a $25 gift card to Sam's to one of my readers.
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The Sam´s Club Plus Membership, gift card, information, and giveaway were all given to me from Sam´s Club and General Mills through MyBlogSpark in exchange for this review.

Super Doubles at Harris Teeter

Super Doubles at Harris Teeter for week of 8/11!!!
EVIC special:
mix or match 13-16.3 oz peter pan peanut butter or 32 oz welch's grape jelly .97 limit 3 total (must puchase all 3 items in a single transaction) NON member price 2/$3

Oscar Mayer beef franks 12-16 oz
arnold sandwich thins 24 oz
deer park water 24 pk
white house apple juice 64 oz
white house applesauce 6 pack
chips ahoy cookies 14-16 oz
150 count filler paper
mead 5 star 1 subject or 3 subject
HT scalloped or AuGratin potatoes
24-28 ox foster farms chicken strips
16-26 oz mccain potatoes
smart balance margarine 15 oz
kozy shack pudding 22 oz
32 oz HT naturals ice cream
6 pack breyers ice cream
bird's eye voila! 21-23 oz
vlasic spears 24 oz
texas pete hot sauce 6oz
rothbury farms croutons 6 oz
mystic pizza 15 oz !!!!!!!
pepito flour tortillas all varieties
hamburger helper 3.2-9.2 oz
sweet grape tomatoes
del monte fruit smoothies 12.2 oz
entenmann's little bites
HT mandarin orange fruit cups
HT hand sanitizer 8 oz
lysol bowl cleaner
ragu 45 oz pasta sauce
nature's path organic cereal 12-14 oz
32 oz Powerade

organic zucchini or yellow squash $1.99/lb
red raspberries, blueberries or strawberries 2/$6
red or black plums $1.69
broccoli 2/$4
peaches or nectarines 1.99/lb
fresh express salad mix 6-12 oz selected 2/$6
barlett pears $1.49 lb
fresh celery $1.69 ea
bell peppers 2/$4
5 lb bag white potatoes $2.99
seedless watermelon 2/$7
green seedless grapes .99/lb

whole beef tenderloin $7.99
chicken leg quarters .49/lb
tilapia fillet or 51-60 ct EZ peel shrimp $3.99
boneless center cut pork chops $3.99
HT smoked ham $1.99
Perdue fit and easy thin sliced boneless chicken breast $3.99/lb
HT fresh italian style pork or chicken sausage $3.99/lb
HT big beef gourmet hamburger patties $3.99/lb
12 oz package HT italian style meatballs 2/$6
sirloin kabobs with veggies $6.99/lb
HT Rancher filet mignon $9.99/lb
HT Reserve filet mignon $10.99/lb
12 oz gwaltney bacon 2/$7
25-29 oz fully cooked perdue chicken chunks $7.49
12 oz kunzler bacon 2/$5
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12 oz al fresco chicken sausage 2/$9
3.3-4.5 oz lunchables 10/$10
MBA smart chicken thighs, drumsticks, wings $2.99/b
7-9 oz ultra thin and hearty sliced Hillshire Farms lunchmeat 2/$7
alaska coho salmon fillets $10.99/lb
wild caught snapper fillets $10.99/lb
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sashimi grade tuna steaks $7.99/lb
johnsonville grilling links 19.76 oz $3.99

HT cranberry juice cocktail 2/$4
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capri sun 10 pk 5/$10
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Grocery/other foods
23 oz mission flour tortillas $1.99
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Activia 4 ct $1.99
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26.2 red barron pan pizza 2/$10
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32 oz coffeemate creamers 2/$6
12 oz sargento string cheese $3.99
8 oz HT crescent rolls 3/$4
12 oz single wrap HT cheese $1.97
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10 oz amy's meals $3.99
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TGIFriday's 7-14 oz 2/$6
whole fruit bars all 2/$5
super pretzel 13 oz 2/$5
blue bunny champ cones 6 oz 3/$10
Dial Bodywash
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Homeschool Freebie

Monday, August 9:
Making a Shield & Buckler - out of Duct Tape!
After reading about ancient world history, homeschooled
brothers Mark and Steven Erickson became fascinated by
historic weapons and warfare. They decided to make
their own shields, swords and other weapons so that
they could act out the history about which they had learned.
In this cool ebook, they share how to create your own
shield and buckler out of duct tape & a little creativity!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

 Math Score is a program I have been using to encourage my boys to practice their math.  One thing I love about it is you can set the time they are allowed to work on a problem! Here's some more info about this great program.

MathScore.com is a program developed by MIT graduates to support grades 2nd through Algebra and
advanced 1st graders. Here's how it works: You or your child picks a math concept to work on.Each skill comes with a mini lesson and sample problems to view. When you choose to start the 'worksheet', it is timed to help evaluate how quickly your student is working through the problems and how much qualtiy time is spent answering them.  The answers are fill-in-the-blank only so you can be sure whether or not your student is proficient with that particular math skill and not just a 'lucky guesser'.

There are several great events that happen after a student completes a worksheet. The program randomly generates math problems that automatically adapt difficulty based on performance, which enables every student to learn at their ideal pace. In addition to this an assessment is emailed to you the parent. The only paper used is scratch paper!

Are you a teacher,administrator, homeschooler, parent, or student? Click on any of these to see how MathScore.com can help you. There are also quite a few demos available to view.  For all of you who like 'freebies' there is a free worksheet generator page to checkout.

Here are all the math topics covered by MathScore.com:
Counting Squares
Fast Addition
Fast Subtraction
Mixed Addition and Subtraction
Basic Word Problems
Telling Time
Odd or Even
Number Comparison
Addition Grouping
Patterns: Shapes
Tally and Pictographs
Bar Graphs
Understanding Multiplication
Beginner Multiplication
Arithmetic Word Problems
Odd or Even Theory
Place Value to 1000
Order Numbers to 1000
Fraction Pictures
Fraction Simplification
Multiplication Facts Strategies
Fast Multiplication
Fast Division
Rounding Numbers
Long Subtraction
Unit Cost
Line Graphs
Fractions to Decimals
Compare Mixed Values
Weight Conversion
Polygon Names
Quadrilateral Types
Triangle Types
Estimated Addition
Long Multiplication
Order Decimals
Prime Numbers
Circle Measurements
Mean, Median, Mode
Variable Substitution
Linear Equations
Distributive Property
Long Division with Remainders
Decimal Rounding
Decimal Division
Divisibility Rules
Prime Factoring
Perfect Squares
Fraction Addition
Fraction Word Problems
Number Line
Triangle Area
Rectangular Solids
Integer Addition
Exponent Basics
Algebraic Word Problems
Greatest Common Factor
Least Common Multiple
Distance, Rate, and Time
Circle Area
Solving For Angles
Triangular Prisms
Integer Subtraction
Integer Multiplication
Order Of Operations
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
Single Variable Equations
Scientific Notation
Repeating Decimals
Compound Interest
Temperature Conversion
Congruent And Similar Triangles
Parallelogram Area
Pythagorean Theorem
Exponents Of Fractional Bases
Simplifying Radical Expressions
Algebraic Sentences
Single Variable Inequalities
Determining Slope
Age Problems
Work Word Problems
Nonlinear Functions
Number Line Inequalities
Absolute Value Equations
Graphs to Linear Equations
Foil Method
Trinomial Factoring
Quadratic Formula
Integer Word Problems
System of Equations Addition
Mixture Word Problems
Domain and Range

I hear a lot of parents who are interested in homeschooling say I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to teach certain math concepts. Well, I say use a program like this to brush up and review or learn what you need to keep up with your child. Do you have a child struggling in school or at home with math concepts? Try MathScore.com and start your free trial today. If you have any questions that need to be answered about the program, use the contact page here.


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Free Audio Books
Go here for hundreds of free audio books-Books Should Be Free

Friday, August 6, 2010

Play-Doh Poppin Movie Snacks
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Homemade Simple
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Free unit study from CurrClick
Let Freedom Ring!" celebrates the independence of our American nation. Join us as we study the events that led to our stand for freedom and learn what happened to make independence a reality. Who were the key players on this journey? We travel the road to independence, discover the reality of the Declaration, and the steps leading to the creation of our Declaration of Independence. The unit also studies how our freedom is celebrated, plus much more.
Tiger Balm Neck and Shoulder Rub
Free sample here