Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cinnamon Roll Saturday

I'm dedicating today's post to my daughter. I've been teaching her the last couple of months on how to use coupons effectively. I pay her a small fee for cutting coupons (she actually made $11). Then she learns how to pay a tithe and offering, save and spend a little. I know she's getting it because her teacher said in class the other day that she explained how to take a coupon to Walgreen's, save on a product and then send in the receipt to get back the full rebate amount!
Anyway, I usually get Pilsbury Cinnamon rolls pretty cheap and she had the idea of the nickname Cinnamon roll Saturday. So, I thought that Saturdays could be for hearing your kid's ideas about couponing and how you teach them to use money wisely.
Here are some 'sweet' coupon/freebie sites:


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