Monday, April 13, 2009

Free Book of the Week at CurrClick

Here is what CurrClick has to say:
"This is the first unit in what will become a collection of units centered on the 7 days of creation. The unit studies are written to encourage further research, but because it includes all the necessary material to do a thorough study, it is quite self-contained. This was done specifically with less developed areas in mind, where a library or the internet is not always readily available or only available at certain times.
The unit study contains a book of 15 pages, which contains all the basic information needed to understand light and its properties.
There are 15 worksheets (some with added information not contained in the book) that can be done by the child after reading the information. The formal worksheets can be included in lapbooks or notebooks.
The suggested hands-on activities either have instructions included or internet links to sites where detailed instructions can be found. Links for further research are also included.
Activities are divided into three levels, to help the parent customize their children’s learning or to accommodate different ages or levels of ability.
Each section includes Bible verses that correspond to the section and memory cards are included in the package.
It is my hope that this study will bless all who work with it, as it bears witness of the Light of the world, Jesus. "

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