Tuesday, April 21, 2009

200 Coupon Giveaway Winner 4-19-09

Congratulations to always_317537! I sent you an email with the subject line "You won 200 coupons". Please respond with your address info within the next 48 hours.

O.K. Here's something really embarrassing and dumb I did that I realized last night. I clicked on the link to my twitter home page and it was titled 'yourlink' and I thought well maybe I entered my name wrong or something when I went to get my twitter button. So, I go to get a new button and realize that I should have typed my name in the spot where it says yourlink. I never even looked at what I was copying and pasting, I just assumed everything was done for me.
Always a big mistake to assume! So, anyway, if you are following 'yourlink' on twitter, that is not me! Follow me here on twitter.

Now, my giveaways are pretty small compared to this one over at Resourceful Mommy.
Go here to win an Oasis Garden. This prize, pictured below is being provided by
Backyard Botanical Inventor Lisa Singer. Go take a look at her blog here. See how you can enter to win this at Resourceful Mommy.


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  1. Hey April ! I sent you an email with my info . Thank you so much :)