Friday, February 27, 2009

Phone Bill Deal

This looks like a good deal. Do any of you use Magic Jack? Let me know!



  1. Hi, I do not personally use the Magic Jack. My Aunt uses the Magic Jack. She loves it. I have noticed one thing when she calls us from this jack it sometimes sounds like she is talking in a tunnel. Now this may not be because of the Magic Jack, it could be her phones. I do not notice it everytime. She says it is great. For the price it might be worth the try.

  2. I have a Magic Jack that I use as my business phone. I wouldn't recommend getting it as your only phone, but if you have a cell phone, it can easily replace your land line. Just make sure that you have a computer it is compatible with. I had mine for about 8 months before I finally had a computer I could use it with.

    The only problem I have had with it is when I'm using programs like TweetDeck or Gmail notifier that have popup notifications on my desktop, it sometimes interferes with the sound quality, but not often. Quite frankly, it is a great tradeoff for the savings.