Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Comment Trouble?

Hi Everybody,
It seems that some are having trouble posting a comment in order to enter the Vision Forum Giveaway. If you are, please let me know by email (onceuponaqpon@gmail.com). You can enter the giveaway by email if you wish. Remember there are 3 ways to earn an entry. If you send an email to me you can include all of these entries in one email. I will add the entries to the comment section myself in the order I receive them.
1. Pick which prize you would like to win.
2. If you are a subscriber, let me know.
3. Blog about me and provide me with a link.



  1. I have been having trouble leaving comments anywhere and receiving comments.
    I don't know why,bummer
    Good luck! I hope it works

  2. Well, hopefully it's working now! It was a problem Blogger's word verification system.