Sunday, February 1, 2009

$10 of $10 purchase at QVC (pay shipping only)
Go here to see how to do this.

Free Online Typing Course
This would be great for homeschoolers and kids who go to public/private school. My stepdaughter goes to public school and I'm getting ready to have her do this on the weekends when she's with us because I noticed that she types really fast but wrong. They start teaching computer skills in Kindergarten but don't teach them how to type. I don't want her to get to high school and have a hard time if she has to take typing. Go here to check this site out.

Nature Made Vitamins and Points
I got an email from Nature Made reminding me to give my code on the bottle for points. For some reason I always ignored this because I figured it wasn't worth my time. It is! They are always having B1G1 free sales and there are Qpons so they are a cheap way to get vitamins. Plus the points are worth it. I entered one code off a bottle just to see and it was worth 70 points.
500 points gets you a $5 Qpon. Go here to find out more and get Qpons.

Printable Qpons
Dollar General Qpon
Legg's Body Beautiful Smoothers $1


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