Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesdays Tournaments

Tuesdays Tournaments
O.K., I think I finally figured out the Mr. Linky thing after many emails. I'm sure the Mr. Linky person had a good laugh at my computer ignorance. I said this before when I first started: being able to sit at a computer and click on things and even typing fast give you a false sense of computer knowledge! So, if this works and you have a giveaway to advertise, this Tuesday post will be an extra place to do so. Please do the following to keep your link on this post.
1. Include your site name, prize and end date.
2. The link must go to the giveaway page or your link will be deleted.
3. Your giveaway and website MUST be family friendly or the link will be deleted!!
(My goal from the beginning has been for this site to be something every member of the family can view/read.)
If this works, each Tuesday will have a fresh Tuesdays Tournaments page for you to advertise your giveaway.
Printable Qpons (for Kingdom Qpon list go here)
Neilmed NasoGel ($2)
Yoplait Light Yogurt ($1 off 4)
Bob Evans Free Mini Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Free Coffee at Panera Bread
Go to Panera Bread on Wednesday for a free coffee.
Vision Forum
The 25%-50% sale at Vision Forum ends 1-31-09. They are also having a sale on their
Best of Christian Films collection. Go here to see. I'm pretty sure it includes the movie Fireproof.
As you can see, I also finally figured out how to add an image to my posts so soon I will have photos to share with you!



  1. Hey, thanks for the Mr Linky love!

  2. Thanks for providing a place to share giveaways ... this is my first and I'm having so much fun with it!!!

  3. Thanks for letting us share our giveaways for free. Sorry I didn't get to include my site name I'm In Culture Shock.

  4. The Giving Tree Giveaway hosted by @lisasamples of Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1: http://bit.ly/3GmPNE