Saturday, January 31, 2009

Simple Saturday: Free Containers

Simple Saturday: Free Containers
With the economy the way it is I think we should begin thinking of creative ways to avoid spending cash. I believe it's the small expenditures that steal a lot of our money. Last week we talked about free trash bags. This week, let's find free storage solutions!
1. Coffee cans: tin or plastic (the 33 oz kind)
These are good for craft supplies. My husband uses them in his shop to
store nails, screws, etc. Use them underneath bathroom or kitchen cabinets for soap and hair
supplies. A small tin can hold toothbrushes, toothpaste, cottonballs and q-tips.
I'm sure you could find a way to decorate them cheaply if you didn't want to see the
label. This past Christmas, my mother-in-law used them to put little presents in like gloves
and socks. Everybody loved it!
2. Recycle glass or plastic containers with lids.
These are great for little leftovers, homemade dressing, storing beans, rice, noodles, etc.
When my mom cooks my dad pancakes, she always makes extra for us and sends
maple syrup home with them in a recyled glass jar.
3. Shoeboxes.
Great for stationary, craft supplies, pictures, and keepsakes. If the top of the box is neat,
I know of a friend who cuts it out and frames it and they make great pictures, especially for
a kid's room.
4. Baby wipes containers.
Also great for crayons and other craft supplies. Our church has had a bible camp the last
several years and these are great for keeping each students indvidual pencils, pens, etc. in.
They can be decorated with spray paint to look pretty cool.
5. Do you have a handy man at home? Or maybe you are a handy mom! Thankfully I have a
handy man who can make extra shelves in empty closet space out of scrap wood. At a lot of
dumps now they have places off to the side where people get rid of furniture and other items.
Think of it as a free yardsale!
I know to some, this stuff might sound cheap, but if you look at it the same way you do Qpons, a little bit of savings goes a long way. I don't believe we should fear the present and future economy but instead prepare ourselves on how to live without a lot of unessary little things.
Do you have any ideas on free large storage containers? Leave a comment and let me know!

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