Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Subscriptions

Sunday Subscriptions
Go here to get your free Dare To Be A Daniel packet offered by The Billy Graham ministry.
It can either be downloaded or sent in the mail. It's definitely worth checking out!
The CD includes music and full Bible text.

Child Evangelism Fellowship
The CEF Mailbox Club includes six different age-related series of lessons, which are available in English, Spanish, large print and Braille. A series consists of seven to ten lessons, for which there is no charge.
After the student completes and mails in the first lesson, it is processed by a volunteer who prays for any needs the student might have, writes an encouraging note, and sends a new lesson. Students who complete the first series of lessons receive a certificate of completion and the 365-page Wonder Devotional Book. After completing the second series of lessons, students receive an age-appropriate book.
Go here to sign up.

Voice of the Martyrs(they also have a newsletter for kids called Kids of Courage!)
Open Doors
Above Rubies quarterly magazine (If you like this magazine ask for them to mail you more than one to give to local friends. It is cheaper for them to mail in bulk than to individual addresses.)
Institute for Creation Research has two free publications!
Heart Cry quarterly magazine
No Greater Joy (6 issues a year)
American Family Journal (6 months free)
The Word For You Today (free devotional
Free Bible Lessons (for ages 3-adult)

I get most of these publications in the mail and I after I finish reading them I either pass them on to friends or leave them in offices like you would a tract! (dentist, doctor, etc..) I just make sure my address info is not visible. The majority of these are viewable online also if you prefer to read that way.

Extra Cheap Diapers (thanks to Common Sense with Money)
Go to Rite Aid and do the following: sign up for $5 off $25 coupon

Buy 2 packs of Huggies Diapers 9.99
Buy 2 packs of Huggies Wipes 3.69
Use 2 1.50 coupons for diapers
Use 2 .50 coupons for wipes
Pay $18.36 plus tax OOP (out of pocket)

Submit your receipt online for the following
#29 $2 back for Huggies Diapers
#30 $2 back for Huggies Wipes
#48 $10 back for purchasing $25 in Kimberly Clark Items

After rebates and coupons you spend $4.36 for the two packs of diapers and wipes.
Then, check out Caregivers Marketplace on how to get $1 per pack of diapers back!
That makes your purchase of 2 packs of diapers and 2 packs of wipes $2.36 plus tax.
I don't know about you but I think that is exciting! Even if I didn't need those diapers for my youngest there are always baby showers or a friend in need that will put those diapers to good use.

My Most Awesome Vitamin Deal this past week:
O.K., I really haven't become fast enough at this blogging thing to tell you about the deals that I usually get during the week but this one was pretty great so I'll share it. I have 4 kids so if they each take 1 vitamin a day that's 24 vitamins a week (my oldest is Dixie, my stepdaughter who is with us on the weekends/in case you are wondering about my math!) Anyway, after rebates, coupons and register rewards I was able to get a 2 1/2 month supply of vitamins for the kids and a years supply of vitamins for myself for the grand total of $8!

Look for a coupon giveaway either tomorrow or Tuesday!
I'm going to try something a little different with my coupon giveaways the next couple of weeks so be sure to check them out.

Many Thanks!
I want to say again that I really appreciate all the awesome comments and links to my giveaway. I'm working on a post that gives credit to all of you who linked to me and to the blogs I used to advertise my giveaway.

Have a blessed week!
Many Thanks

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  1. thanks as always for al the help and time u put into this!!!! it does help a lot of people..know it does me.. ;)