Saturday, January 24, 2009

Simple Saturday: It's the small things that add up to big savings!

It's the small things that add up to big savings!
My husband and I have a conversation every once and a while about the fact that most people tend to ignore the little 'costs' that can add up to either big savings or big expenses. So I thought that for Saturday's posts I would start writing about the simple ways we can save money for our households.
Trash Bags
Coupons for these don't seem to help much so here's what we do. Now, my friends and family laugh at me for this one and call me the bag lady but that's alright.
1. For regular trash I reuse the paper or plastic bags from my grocery store trips. (my mom gives me her extras also)
2. Do you have pets? We have chickens, dogs, horses, a donkey and 2 pigs. So we use the paper feed bags for trash also. My husband reuses the plastic ones for covering up things at his shop when necessary.
3. Diaper trash- These can smell up a room fast so I use plastic grocery bags.
4. Small trash cans in bathrooms- once again, small plastic grocery bags.
(When I have company or big groups over, we use the real thing. and if I can get trash bags for free or really, really cheap I will.) The point is however that with a little creativity and sacrifice we can do lots of little things that save lots of money in the long run!
Next week: Free containers. Do you have any ideas for Simple Saturday? Let me know!

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