Monday, March 23, 2009

Tuesdays Tournaments

Tuesdays Tournaments
Link your giveaway here! Please include prize, end date and site name and link to the giveaway post.
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Tuesday School Freebie
Have you always wished you knew more about the properties of herbs?
Have you wanted a herb garden, but didn't know where to start or
what to grow? Here's a great starting guide for you!

200 coupons giveaway
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Lapbook Freebie
Amelia Earhart was an American aviator who was one of the most famous women in history. She is most remembered for her flights across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and her attempt at flying around the world. Your student can complete a labook on her life with the 43-page Amelia Earhart Project Pack from In the Hands of a Child. You will find a 7-page Research Guide and 15 hands-on activities about her life including a timeline, the early years, flight records, and her final flight. Go here to see more.


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