Friday, March 13, 2009

Division Designs-Schoolbook Giveaway

Division Designs-Workbook Giveaway:
In Division Designs, students will solve the equations which bring to life simple and delightful images all while learning math. This book with 33 pages of number problems is a unique and fresh approach to teach division facts. Includes an answer key! This contest will end 3-22-09.
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What is your best tip for a family expecting their first baby? Mine would be to keep life slow-paced and if possible to stay home with your baby. In my humble opinion, it is the most rewarding career choice you will ever make!

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  1. do no t wait for child to be ready to take things away example bottle sucka ext. i waited with my first and she was 3 still on bottle ugh my second i took away at 1 yr it was better

  2. My advice for first time parents is to not think that you have to have all the gadgets that are advertised for babies. We do with very little and our children grow up to be content with the simpler things in life not wanting every new thing that comes out.

  3. my advice to those expecting is to prepare for the baby before, then take it easy when the baby comes while you adjust to a new schedule, which is usually centered around the baby. Also, give yourself 30 - 60 minutes more to prepare for outings

  4. My advice is to go with the flow and enjoy every second! They grow up so fast and you don't want to be stressed out and forget to enjoy them!

  5. Hi...

    I get your newsletter and I follow.

    My advice for first-time parents would be to keep a journal! Be diligent! You'll say to yourself 'oh, I'll remember that'...and then the years go by and you don't remember! The journal can contain the milestones, funny moments, and prayers for your child as it grows. Then...keep one for each of the little ones that follow.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. My best tip would be: Just sleep with your baby and order in for the first month. Enjoy the closeness and the nursing and you'll also get some rest because you'll be exhausted.

    If you can't order in and has a spouse that cooks..awesome.

    Of if you are in a church and they'll cook and bring food over...let your spouse answer the door.

    By the end of the'll be starting to recover in strength and want out of the house :)

  7. I blog here:

  8. Please count me in would love to get this for my daughter.

  9. My tip is to listen to the advice you'll undoubtedly receive from others, but in the end follow your own instincts! And I second the advice to stay at home, if possible. :)

  10. Just subscribed to your blog! Thanks!

  11. My advice to new parents is to not listen to advice and do what comes naturally!

    stephlezell at hotmail dot com

  12. My advice to new parents would be to enjoy every moment your new baby will grow up way too fast!