Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simple Saturday: Paper Product Replacements

Simple Saturday
It's the small purchases that add up overtime.
This one is easy. Paper Products we can live without:
Paper towels, napkins, and kleenex. Now, if you can get them for free, that's great!
If not, and you are trying to find all the places you can to cut out spending then this is one of them. Just use washcloths or get some cheap hand towels from some type of dollar store.
Now, please keep purchasing your toilet paper! Coupons and stockpiling is how you save on this one. Scott toilet paper, the regular kind lasts longer than any kind I know. Food Lion store brand is pretty similar. Look for drugstore rebates, and catalinas.
If you have any more ideas on this one, let me know!

Organic Coupon Sources
Garden of Eatin
Food For Life
Enjoy Life Foods
Earthbound Farm
Crown Prince Seafood
Coleman Natural
Brown Cow Farm
Applegate Farms
After the Fall
Alexia Foods

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