Monday, March 2, 2009

E-book Giveaway: Living and Learning On One Income

E-book Giveaway:
The Old Schoolhouse has given me permission to give away one copy of this very informative
e-book: Living and Learning On One Income.
Here are the chapter listings:
The McKinney Family: We Used to be “Normal”
The Merritt Family: A Homeschooling Journey
The Flanders Family: One Income, Many Blessings
The Baker Family: Homeschooling on One Income in South Africa
The L. Family: Creatively Frugal
The Flores Family: One Income, No Mortgage, No Debt
The Tuten Family: Planning Stewardship
The Paramore Family: Eight Living on Enough
The Winters Family: Abundantly Blessed
The Cornwell Family: Limitless Income
The Baughn Family: Taming the Eating Out Beast
The Alexander Family Farm Interview: Harmonious Music in the Key of Life

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1. One entry for letting me know you are a subscriber.
2.. One entry for following me-just leave a comment with a link to your site.
3. One entry for blogging about me-leave a link to that post.
4. One entry for answering this question:
What do you love most about your child/children?

Go here for School and Chore Charts
A collection of charts for home & school. Included are cards to add to your child's chart for both chores and school. Their suggestion for these charts would be to print them on card stock and then print the chore cards on magnet sheets. You could then use them on a white board or refridgerator. Another choice would be to also print the cards on card stock and place velcro in the blocks of the charts and backs of the cards and use them that way. They also suggest that you laminate your charts.

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  1. I love the unconditional love of my children. I love their smiles, their hugs, their personalities & sense of humor and I love their laughter! Great question. Thanks for the chance. iclipalso(at)yahoo(dot)com

  2. I subscribe under the email address:

    ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. What do you love most about your child/children?

    Her outgoing nature. She is so friendly, and she wants to 'talk' to everyone that we pass whenever we go out (she's only 8mos).

  4. Wow...what I love most about my children? That's a tough one. I think I'd have to say their desire to help others. They do things to earn money and ask that it go to charity, they volunteer whenever they can, and they encourage us to do more "green" things to save the environment. They are all very consciencious and just plain great kids!! :-)

  5. I'm following you. I have two sites. One of them is .


  6. I love dreaming of my prospective children. We are waiting to have them until we are sure we can live on one income - the reason I'm entering this contest.

  7. What I love most about my children or boys is that we are able to sit down once a week & talk about our dreams & what we will do to make them come true. It is a joy to hear there repsonses & to come up with a PLAN of action.