Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thank You Thursday

Thank You Thursday
This is a day where I want to thank those who have linked to my giveaways or those who have a site that lets myself and others link our giveaways. Today I would like to say thank you to
Shop Annies - A site ran by a mom of 6 who loves to save money, be frugal, meet lots of friends, and gather new tips.

1. Tell us about yourself and your website, Shop Annies
I am a mother of 6 and grandma of 1 and love to meet people and share my thoughts and ideas. Through my blog you can see this as I try to join in many daily memes and blog posts as well as share products I love.

2.How did you get started blogging and what do you enjoy most about it?
I started blogging after having to temporarily shut the doors to our business. It was sort of a way out into the world to talk to others. I started reading blogs many years ago and then just got into the act around 4-5 months ago. I love meeting the many kind people and participating in memes and giveaways are fun as well.

3.What is your #1 savings tip?
I love to watch cvs for the extra bucks buys, coupon shop, walk to save gas and menu plan. There are many things that I do to save money.

4. What is your favorite low-cost recipe?
Hash, simple hamburger browned, potatos boiled still in chunks,
mix, season, and serve.

5. What is your favorite store to save at?
kroger and walmart

6. What type of giveaway do you like the most?
My family would say stuff to eat, I would say giveaways for my grandbaby.

7. Have you ever won a giveaway?
Yes, a few, I have also held some.

8. Do you have any other websites that you would like to tell us about?
No, the blog is all that I have.

Thank You Shop Annies for taking time to do this interview and especially thank you for the times you have linked to me!

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