Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday School Freebie

Wednesday, March 3:
American Revolution Lapbook & Notebooking pages!
Courtesy of Lee Giles, here are three great resources for your
younger students studying the American Revolution:
One is a lapbook with more than 30 pieces covering the events
leading up to the war and through the war to the Treaty of Paris.
This also has several Bible study pieces included. The lapbook will
complement a reading of Johnny Tremain, but it is not necessary to
use the book to use the lapbook. Also, available to you are close
to 30 notebooking pages covering Revolution topics! The final download
is a collection of unit study materials. These include writing prompts,
notebooking pages, similes, descriptive writing, poetry, 4 math pages,
science pages, vocabulary, even art projects.

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