Wednesday, March 31, 2010 : A Review

I am really loving my computer and all of these math sites!  It is taking me longer than I thought it would to get back into the groove of things since my daughter Miya was born a few months ago.  Because of this we are doing a lot more schoolwork on the computer than ever before! was very generous in that they supplied the TOS crew with a download of every product their site offers.  My part of the review will center on three of their products,
Math Galaxy Whole Numbers Fun, The Math Riddler Worksheet Generator-Whole Numbers and Math Galaxy Whole Numbers Riddles E-book.

Math Galaxy Whole Numbers Fun
"Math Galaxy Whole Numbers Fun is a comprehensive math tutorial that covers all of whole number operations plus Time, Money, and the sections of Length, Area, Volume, Pictographs, Bar Graphs and Probability appropriate for grades 1 to 4. It also includes the whole number sections of the Word Jumbles, Riddles, and Bridge the Swamp games and the Labyrinth mazes."
My 6 yr. old, Redd is using Math Galaxy as a reward after he works on a math site that is a little more sequential in their approach. I love it because he can practice problems by himself and he loves the Word Jumbles game. He can do this one without my help so we are sticking with that one for right now!  An added bonus is when they solve the word, a box pops up with the word and its definition! He has to call for me to read it out loud before moving on to the next word.

The Math Riddler Worksheet Generator-Whole Numbers
This worksheet generator is awesome.  It it a combination of riddles and just plain worksheets. There are 'endless'  worksheets available here to help tweak a math skill your student is working on. A neat aspect that I like is  you can click on 'with answers' and you can either let your student check his work at the computer or print it out for him/her to check later. 

Math Galaxy Whole Numbers Riddles E-book
You will come out better economically by purchasing the worksheet generator but if you just want a book to print out and hand to your student than this e-book contains 130 of the printable riddles that are in The Whole Numbers Worksheet Generator software plus standard math worksheets for those who would prefer an eBook.

Take time to check out their site. The site offers a generous sampling of what you see here and you may take a guided tour of what the different levels offer.

The TOS Crew received these products as a download but they are offered on the site as a CD-ROM. You need a computer Windows 98 or later or Mac OS X and a CD-ROM drive for installation. The cost of the CD-Roms are $29.95 each and the e-books are $14.95 each.

As part of the TOS Crew, I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  Any opinions expressed above are my own.

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