Saturday, March 13, 2010

Homeschool Science Academy
This site offers a free newsletter and free online seminars.
Here are some of the topics:
"Top 10 Academic Mistakes Homeschoolers Make - and How to Avoid Them"
"Anatomy and Physiology of the Pancreas"
"SAT and ACT - What You Should Know"
"There's Life in the Blood"
"So, You Want to be a Doctor - What it Takes Now and What to Expect"
"How to do Well on Timed Tests"
"But What About Socialization?"
"What You (students) Can Learn From My TA's.. the Good, the Bad, and the ugly"
"What I've Learned from Human Cadavers.. about Life, Death, God, and Anatomy"
"Working Toward Academic Excellence - A Practical and Biblical Guide"
"Teaching the Sciences - 6th - 12th Grade"
"Sports Scholarships for Homeschooled Students - How to Get Them"
"Creation Clues - The Urge (to go) and Other Rarely Thought of Human Body Characteristics"

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