Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday School Freebie

Friday, March 5:
Tor, A Street Boy of Jerusalem (PDF ebook)

Tor was a poor boy who lived in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.
At the hands of Pilate he receives a wound that leaves him blind.
Then one day, Tor hears shouts of 'Hosanna!' and Tor is taken to
the temple where he meets Jesus. After Jesus heals his blindness,
Tor becomes a follower of Christ. When Tor learns that Jesus is
going to be betrayed, he tries frantically to save him.

Most of this excellent book by Florence Morse Kingsley takes place
during the last week of Jesus life. Tor encounters many people
that Scriptures tell us about, including Pilate's wife, Peter, Judas,
etc. This book is by the same author who wrote Titus,
A Comrade of the Cross. This would be a wonderful story to read aloud
during this season leading up to Easter.

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