Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Amazing Bible World History Timeline (A Review)

The word 'Amazing' in the title of this product is an understatement! I received this product free of charge from Bible Charts and Maps, LLC and look forward to sharing with you my review.
The way most history is studied and the way the Bible is read today doesn't really give most students a clear picture of how events overlapped and related to each other. This timeline clears up a lot of confusion and shows how world events were/are connected to what God shares with us in His Word.

The Amazing Bible Timeline will show you the order and the timing of people and events, the overlapping of lives (Noah lived until after Abraham was born meaning Abraham and Isaac could have heard about the flood from actual witnesses!), world historical events and where they fit into Biblical times, and seeing God's hand extended to all of mankind throughout history.

My oldest who is 10 will definitely benefit from comparing this chart to what she is learning at school. My other 3 (6 and under) right now just think it is a cool big picture but I see it as being a valuable tool to educate myself so that I can give them a better overall picture of man's history and relationship with God.

Order today to take advantage of their low price of $29.97 and free shipping until Dec 31,2009!
- Printed on sturdy, durable card stock! (heavier than poster or other paper)
- Scuff coat varnish gives you years of wear and value.
- Rolled for shipping
- Sent USPS Priority mail with tracking included for fast delivery

**Christmas special **- $24.97 per Timeline with an order of TWO or more timelines
1. Free USPS priority mail shipping any where in the USA - including PO Boxes and APOs. (International customers get a $6.00 discount for USPS Priority Mail International Shipping.)
2. Free gift wrapping including to/from gift stickers on the gift wrapped package inside as well as on the outside shipping box (be sure to check the "Please Gift Wrap" box on the order page)
3. Two gifts in one! A card with directions to download "Interactive Maps of the Holy Land" included with each Timeline.
4. Additional Suprise bonuses over the next month (Genealogy of Jesus Christ e-posters and more! )

You may call toll free 877-966.7300 for further questions or offline ordering.

The more we can understand the lives of these ancient people and the world events surrounding them helps us to connect with the principles God lays out for us so lovingly in His Word!


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