Monday, November 30, 2009

Virginia Soaps & Scents (A Review)

Virginia Soaps & Scents, owned by Roy and Richelle Spargur out of Suffolk, Virginia sent some of their products to me awhile back to try out for free and review! What a pleasure and treat for a mom in her 3rd trimester!
I personally received 3 soap bars, 1 shampoo bar and a sample size of their best-selling Laundry Soap Kit. You are probably wondering what does this company have to do with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and homeschooling! Well, the story behind these delightful products is a true testimony of the scripture, "All things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purposes". I'll share just a bit of their story before getting into the products.
About three years ago, this couple lost their youngest granddaughter in a tragic accident. After many months of grieving, the family began a unit study on Colonial Life in Virginia which included a 'one-time' soap-making project. They began to laugh and have fun again as a family and six months later, Virginia Soaps & Scents was born! They introduced the soaps at a homeschool convention and it took off from there!
What makes this company special? Well, their Handcrafted Olive Oil Soap uses all natural ingredients with no added chemicals. You get plenty of fluffy lather from the generous amount of the ingredient coconut oil. There are several purchase options: $4.50 for 1, 3 for $12, Buy 4 Get 1 free or 10 for $35.
Their Shampoo Bar, which I am totally enjoying is a 5.5 oz bar that gives about the same amount of shampoos as a 32 oz. bottle and has a fresh clean scent with no added colors! These 5.5 oz bars sell 1 for $5.50 or 2 for $10. Many customers have said they are sold for life! You have a choice of three different scents or unscented. Read more here.
Those of you interested in saving money in the dirty clothes department will love the
Laundry Soap Kit. It makes two gallons and can be used immediately. It works with the ancient washing machines up to the newest front loaders and HE machines! Costs per wash is between 4 to 7 cents!! An added bonus is they put no coconut oil in this product which eliminates suds that are difficult to rinse out and can help those that have sensitive skin issues. 1 kit costs $4.95 or 6 for $25. For those who want a greener, gentler laundry soap this is an awesome price!
Virginia Soaps & Scents has branched out into many different artistic areas that would be worth your while to check out especially as we get into the Christmas season such as a Christmas page, Shaving Soaps, Lip Balm and much more.
For questions e-mail the family at or give them a call them at 757-986-3377.

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