Monday, November 30, 2009

Guardian Angel Pulblishing (2 e-books and a review)

I received the following 2 e-books, free of charge from Guardian Angel Publishing to read and review: Andy and Spirit Go To The Fair, and Hamster-Holidays.

Andy & Spirit Go to the Fair is a sweet, charming storybook that is part of a series of books which take us into the lives of a handicapped boy Andy and his horse Spirit. Andy is part of a
4-H club who this time has gone to the fair to participate in a horsemanship competition.
The pair become an inspiration to each other as they face the challenge together of being different than others as they compete in the ring.
To a creative homeschooling mom this book introduces many subjects: being handicapped or having a special need, horses, 4-H clubs, performing in front of a crowd and of course that excitement children experience when attending their local county fair. This book by Mary Jean Kelso, provides some excellent links to several of these topics and includes 10 illustrations, 2100 words and 24 pages.
There are several ways of purchasing this delightful book here:
PDF eBook DOWNLOAD $5.00
eBook CD $9.95+$5.95 S&H
PRINT Book $10.95+$6.95 S&H
DVD Book Video COMING SOON! $9.95 + $5.95 S&H

This book, Hamster Holidays, is a treasure you should definitely check out. If you have started on the grammar road of nouns and adjectives and need a fun way to review or maybe want to introduce the two in a way that immediately engages your child's interest, then go get this book!
Through a series of cute poems that journey through the months of the year nouns are in blue and adjectives are in red.
Several supplemental pages at the end include scrambled words, match-up and crossword puzzles—plus much more.
I recently introduced my son Redd to both of these concepts and look forward to using
Hamster Holidays in further teaching!
This book may be purchased in several ways here:
PDF eBook DOWNLOAD $5.00
eBook CD $9.95 + $5.95 S&H
PRINT Book $10.95 + $6.95 S&H

Guardian Angel Publishing has a delightful site that includes FREEBIES,
an i kids play app that can be loaded on your ipod or iphone for those office waiting times,
Littlest Angel books (e-picture books that feature your child's name),
and a nice list of faith-based books.
Any questions you might have can be sent to this email:

I have bookmarked this page as another helpful tool to use on my homeschool journey!

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  1. You've included a lot of links in your post. Thank you for that and for the reviews, too! - Donna