Monday, November 30, 2009

Gymathtics (A Review)

Carrie Scheiner, the founder of Exploramania and creator of this fun educational workout DVD has definitely thought outside of the box and combined exercise and math in a way I would not have thought of. I have been given the opportunity to use and review this product, Gymathtics, free of charge.
This DVD could be a simple way to get an exercise routine incorporated into your daily schedule but it has the potential of being so much more!
The whole family can benefit from this exercise experience!
It's a refresher course on math terms for the parent or older student, a review tool for your
2nd-5th grader, an introduction to math terms for the K-1 student and plain old fun for the youngest in your home/class.
The program includes 'shape' stretches, counting calisthenics, exercises that combine patterns and a well-being wind down. This product incorporates multi-sensory learning techniques to meet the different learning styles of each child. The first series, Exploracise®, combines exercise and education using auditory, visual, and kinesthetic senses. You can view photo excerpts here.
The Award Winning Exploracise Gymathtics program is the Ultimate Brain and Body workout teaching math and healthy lifestyle concepts during a complete 30-minute exercise routine. Gymathtics is an enjoyable fitness learning experience that students and parents will want to use again and again.
Gymathtics can be purchased for $24.99 here and this price includes shipping! I use this DVD on our 'rainy days' to help channel all that energy that 3 boys aged 6 and under have!!!
We have enjoyed this program and believe you will too!
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***One extra aspect about this product that I particularly appreciated is that the participants are dressed modestly!***

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