Monday, October 19, 2009

Sarah's Wish (a novel review)

Are you looking for a way to teach 19th century history to your children that breathes life into names, dates, and important historical events? Look no farther!

I recently received a free copy of Jim Baumgardner's book, 'Sarah's Wish' to read and review.
I remember having a hard time going to sleep one night and figured I would start the book and hopefully fall asleep soon thereafter. Well, sleep didn't come because I couldn't put the book down! The book began with a girl Sarah having the burden of a secret to bear and at first I thought, Oh no, another book I have to censor while reading to the kids. However, reading on calmed my fears! I don't want to give away the story but her 'secret' was legitimate and the book even covers how a Christian can creatively tell the truth while protecting others from harm!

'Sarah's Wish' takes the readers mind into the world of runaways and slave catchers, the underground railroad, gypsies, riverboats, and very entertaining characters along the way.

I appreciate the author's attempt to create a character who was in the process of learning so many great character qualities such as: respect, manners, willingness to work hard, risking one's life to help the helpless, and especially what I mentioned before about telling the truth creatively if necessary. The author is committed to writing books that are free of any objectionable material!

Textbooks have their place, but I have found in my own reading that more information is retained when learned by reading lots of biographies, autobiographies and historical fiction. The author has taken much time to make this book a valuable resource in the hands of a parent wanting to give more than a textbook history lesson. Take a few minutes and check into the following available free resources:
1. Sarah's Wish comes with a free audio book download. (Go here for sample)
2. Entertaining and educational newsletter that includes recipes, contests, vocabulary, fun history facts and quotes, questions/answers by readers, and more!
(send an email to to receive this e-newsletter for free)
3. Links to sites pertaining to people, places and events mentioned in the book.
4. Homeschoolers who have read and used this book.

Jim Baumgardner, the author, personally autographs every book he sends out! He is now offering Sarah's Wish for the price of $9.99 and does not charge shipping and handling! Part of the proceeds from his books goes to care for girls at Carpenter’s Place.

There are now two more books in the series, 'Sarah's Promise', and 'Sarah's Escape' available for purchase. I am getting ready to order mine and hope you will join me in a great reading experience!


(Jim Baumgardner)

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  1. Nice review-this was one of my favorite products to review this fall! I couldn't put the thang down either-
    Keep up the good work-
    FM Sheri
    oh, double check the post [under the announcements of the forum] about disclaimers for each review-the policy starts Dec. 1st-which is just around the corner-so you'll have to have those on every review post.