Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Freebie from CurrClick
Summer Nature Study and More
Would you like to enjoy a nature walk or nature study, but you worry about covering those formal areas of science in biology, physics, and chemistry?

This nature study allows you to enjoy nature and time with your child outdoors. At the same time you will help guide him and make connections between his natural world around him and more formal scientific concepts.

The Summer Nature Study and More has topics for June, July and August. Each month has several topics pertinent to the season. For each topic, you receive living book reading suggestions, questions to promote discussion of the topic during your nature walk, suggested nature walk or post-walk activities, and scientific connection topics.

The scientific connection topics extend your nature study observations into a study of scientific concepts in biology, physical science, or chemistry. You receive a list of suggested living books and a list of experiments and activities related to the extended topic.

For example, a nature study of bird and animal migration extends into a study of the earth's magnetic fields and magnetism.

Also included throughout the book is poetry relevant to each topic in the nature study to use as copywork or literature study.

At the back of the book is a section offering recommendations in nature journaling and sketching . There are also nature journal notebooking pages to use during your nature study to write your observations or copywork and make sketches of your topics of study.

This nature study method helps you and your child bridge the information you gather from your personal experiences and observations with formal scientific concepts. So, get ready to ditch those science textbooks, delve into your natural living world and guide your child into experiencing science the natural and personal way!

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