Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nature Friend Magazine (A Review)

Have you been looking for a good nature magazine that invites your children to explore nature while supporting a biblical worldview? Look no farther! Over the last few months, I've received two free issues of Nature Friend Magazine to review with my family. The magazine can be used by any age student and to be honest, it has been the basis of our science studies this school year.

It is so much more than science. I've said before that I love educational products which incorporate different subjects. My August issue featured an hidden picture page, 2 word searches, crossword puzzle, research ideas, a writing lesson, match the word to definition, an acrostic puzzle, a 'You Can Draw' page, photography lesson and more!!! I counted the activities that could be done daily and there were at least 23! So one issue could supply a month's worth of science studies, depending on the age of the child.

There are many ways readers can contribute to Nature Friend and have their work published! I've done this before with Highlights magazine and my daughter loved seeing her work in an 'official magazine'.
Here is a list of the contributions a reader can send:
Nature-related poems and artwork for a "Pictures and Poems" section
Photographs for "Creation Close-ups"
Submit stories and photos for the section "Nature Trails"
Each month has an art lesson called “You Can Draw.” Besides the new lesson, a selection of children’s drawings from a previous lesson is always included.

Nature Friend magazine is in its 27th year and Kevin and Bethany Shank have owned
Nature Friend since May 2006. It is a monthly magazine with loads of extra features.
One of the issues, called
'Readers Issue' is a compilation of readers submissions.

This year they also featured a study guide which can be purchased separately but is included as an insert in the magazine.
The Study Guide reinforces the subject matter from that particular issue of Nature Friend by using exercises such as these: crossword puzzle, acrostic, fill-in-the-blank, true and false, etc. Exercises may be photocopied for classroom use, or for the various children in the homeschool. Two more bonus features of the Study Guide include A Study in Nature; a Lesson in Writing” which teaches creative writing and readers are encouraged to send the stories they have written. The other bonus,“The Photo Critique” teaches nature photography tips and readers are again encouraged to send in photos/tips/questions that may be used in later issues.

A subscription to Nature Friend Magazine is $36 for one year and $68 for two years.
The Study Guide may be purchased separately and is included as an insert in the middle of your magazine. Great for homeschoolers! You may order online, order by mail or fax (540-867-9516), or by phone toll free at: (877) 434-0765.

Special Savings for New Subscribers!!
New subscribers may use coupon code BLOG93 to save $3.00 off a new subscription. This opportunity is valid until November 30, 2009.

Oh, I forgot to mention one extra perk that Nature Friend Magazine has. No ads whatsoever!

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