Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday School Freebie 9-30-09

Wednesday, Sept 30th:
The Peter Rabbit Stories by Beatrix Potter (PDF ebook)
Here's a compilation of ALL of Beatrix Potter's
"Peter Rabbit and Friends" stories in one big ol' ebook,
including her wonderful color illustrations for each story!

Free ExamForce Study Guide
The Lambers method of instruction uses case examples
and illustrative problems to help you grasp the concept being taught, and remember it.

Homeschooling Book Freebie
Laurel Springs School is offering this book for free (just pay shipping).
Homeschooling and Loving It
The coupon code is: LSS
The code is good while supplies last - limit 5 books per order. Enter the coupon after adding the book to your shopping cart.

Rebecca Kochenderfer gives you her expertise from over 16 years of homeschooling along with that of other successful homeschooling families. Finally, a common sense approach to homeschooling that is interactive and guides you in:

* Making sure that your child is at or above grade level.
* Organizing your time between homeschooling, chores, work, etc.
* Keeping yourself and your child motivated all year long.
* Giving your child a complete education without breaking the bank and without homeschooling 8-10 hours a day.
* Homeschooling different age children at the same time (even with a baby or toddler in the house!)
* Preparing your high schooler to get into their first college choice.


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