Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Homeschool Radio Show Treasury
Go here to grab this deal for only $12. Once you pay the resource is availble for one year to download at your convenience!
Here is a small list of what is available:
Columbus & the Egg

Upon a Peak in Darien - First Story
Upon a Peak in Darien - Second Story
The Fountain of Youth
Galileo and the Lamps
Sir Isaac Newton and the Apple
The First Printer
Gutenberg and the Voices
James Watt and the Teakettle
Dr. Johnson & his Father
Webster and the Woodchuck
Friar Bacon and the Brazen Head
As Rich as Croesus
The Gordian Knot
Why Alexander Wept
King Richard & Blondel
King John & Prince Arthur
King John & the Magna Charta
Frederick Barbarossa
The Man in the Iron Mask
The Fall of Troy
Penelope's Web
How Rome Was Founded
How Decius Mus Saved Rome
Delenda est Carthago
Hannibal Hero of Carthage
Crossing the Rubicon
The White-Headed Zal
Peter Klaus the Goatherd

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