Saturday, August 29, 2009

Web Design For Kids (...And Curious Grown-Ups!)

I was pleasantly surprised by this product Web Design For Kids (And Curious Grown-Ups!)
I would have loved to have had this last year when I started my blog. As many of you know who have been my subscribers for some length of time that I am not a computer expert and learning how to do things with my site has been slow-going. Earlier this year I looked into redesigning my site and would have loved to do it myself versus paying somebody but got discouraged with how complicated everything looked. Then I got pregnant, had morning sickness and all hopes of redesigning were put on hold.

I believe this DVD is going to change all that! I began watching it and of course the words HTML instantly brought back the feelings of discouragement but that feeling quickly turned into hope and then real excitement when I went to my computer with my notes and Redd, (my 6 yr. old)
and started a site about airplanes. I didn't think he was paying much attention to the DVD until he started repeating some of the lingo heard on there. He helped me type in a lot of the code and picked the colors and background for the site. Of course, Rusty (my 4 yr. old) now wants to make one about sharks and Dixie wants to make one either about horses or animals in general.
Dixie has taken a lot of computer classes during her schooling but this is new for her and she is pretty excited about being able to work on one. We all want to design one for my husbands brick masonry business!

The easiest way to use this DVD in my humble opinion would be to have a way to watch it near your computer. Our computer is not near our TV but we just took notes, pushed the pause button and worked that way.

The instructions teach you about basic HTML code, adding pictures, coloring letters and backgrounds, making text move across the screen, making text larger or smaller, adding different fonts, and much more. The only software necessary is notepad and internet explorer which are already on your computer if you have a windows operating system! There are several examples of actual kid-created HTML sites here and a short demo of the video here. Take a look!

This particular DVD shows you how to create an webpage but not how to make it available for the world wide web to see. Their next video that will be out before the end of this year goes into that type of information. Any other questions you have are probably answered here but if not you can use this email address:

The original price of the DVD is $40 but a temporary price of $19.99 plus $3.99 shipping and handling is available. The product may be ordered online here or by calling Click Drag Solutions 24 Hour Call Center Toll Free Number: 1-866-932-9122. Friendly operators are currently standing by (24 hours a day/ 7 days a week!) to take your order!

One aspect of this company that I thought is very important is their attitude towards
giving and charities. Please take a moment to read more here.
Here is the fruit of our labor: Red's first website, I Love Airplanes! Those of us doing these reviews got a nice tip from the company on how to make this a real website for free and because of advice I learned from the DVD, I was able to go on the online and look at codes on some simple websites and figure out how to put a link on the page to direct readers to a couple of different printable coloring page sites. Exciting stuff!
Big Thanks to Web Design For Kids for the opportunity to use this product in our home and a Thank You also to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for giving moms like myself the chance to be a part of the TOS crew!


  1. Tell Red, I like his page! Pretty blue and the airplane is a nice touch.
    This is a great program, and the second in the series is almost ready for distribution, and we're looking forward to buying it! Good review April.
    FM Sheri

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