Wednesday, November 24, 2010


If your kids ask to do schoolwork on the computer instead of watching a movie, you might think the computer program is just too much fun and they aren't really learning, right!  Wrong! With Mathscore, your kids, my kids, are doing adding, subtracting, time, money and anything math but without all the fluff and distractions found on many 'math helper' sites. 
My oldest son Redd, needed some 'flashcard' work on his multiplication.  Mathscore does just that!  The program is set to automatically review any problems missed and they do not reach the next level unless all problems are done correctly in one set. 
My next son Rusty is doing really well with adding and subtracting and again, this program does the 'flashcard' work and I can spend time working with another kid.
Even my 3 yr. old Elijah asks to work.  With him, we do the copycat preparation where he has to copy whatever number is on the screen.  He was pretty excited with the fireworks when he finished all the levels!
Mathscore aligns with state math standards and to NCTM Focal Points. There are sample problems to try before each worksheet and you can set the time allowed for each problem depending on the needs of the student.
Here's a neat fact: In one school year, the average student practices more than 10,000 problems while using this online practice program only one hour per week!

You can experience a free trial here.
There is also a free worksheet generator here.

In exchange for my honest reviews, I receive monthly access to MATHSCORE.COM

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