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Super Star Speech (Games): A Review

Have you ever had ideas of games to help your kids learn and then discovered somebody else had the same idea and did all the work? This might sound lazy but I love it when that happens! Deborah Lott, a liscensed Speech language therapist, has come up with some awesome games to reinforce what your kids are already learning. Each of these games may be purchased for $3.50 each at CurrClick. The links below will take you to the CurrClick site where you can browse through previews of each selection. At the moment we are enjoying The Insect Game and All About Animals.

Silly Snail Parts of Speech Game
"Review parts of speech (common noun, proper noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, and adverb) with Silly Snail: Parts of Speech Game. 3rd to 6th grades."

Planets, Moon and Stars 
Players answer trivia questions about space while trying to be the first to collect all the planets in the solar system.

Road To Revolution
Reinforce your study of the American Revolutionary War with this board game. Includes 48 multiple choice questions cards and game board. Players try to be first to the finish line while answering questions about famous people, events, and causes of the Revolutionary war. Designed for grades 3-8.



Explorers of the World
Learn about 24 world explorers and their contributions to American and world history. The 72 game cards can be used to play two different games-- a matching game and a time line game. Have fun while reinforcing your history and geography studies! Explorers of the World is appropriate for 3rd to 8th grades.

The Inventors Game
The Inventors game will teach your child about 24 famous inventors. Instructions are included for two different games, with variations for difficulty. Children have fun matching inventors to their inventions or playing a timeline game using the dates of different inventions. Reinforce your history or science curriculum in a fun way!

Cover the Continents
Reinforce and learn geography facts and map skills in a fun way! The object of this game is to "settle" more continents than any other player. Covering the Continents includes a game board/ map and game cards that ask questions about each of the seven continents. Players try to be the first to answer three questions about a continent to "settle" it. Fun for ages 6 to 10.

Colony Quest
Colony Quest is a game that will teach children about the thirteen American Colonies and map skills. Children will answer questions about the colonies wihile trying to "settle" more colonies than the other players. A fun way to reinforce your American History curriculum! Ideal for 3rd through 5th graders.

Exploring Egypt Game
Reinforce your study of Egypt in a fun way! Players of the Exploring Egypt Game will race to be first to the top of the pyramid by answering the most questions about ancient Egypt. Game question topics cover geography, politics, daily life, and religion of ancient Egypt. The game can be adjusted to accomodate players of different ages and abilities. Designed for 3rd to 8th grade students.

Climb the Vine: All About Plants
Climb the Vine! is a question and answer board game that will reinforce your science curriculum. Players answer multiple choice questions about plant types, pollination, photosynthesis, trees, and more while racing to the finish line. Designed as a file folder game for grades 3-6.

The Insect Game
Use the Insect game to learn all about insects or to reinforce another study of insects. Players will answer questions about insects to earn insect parts, attempting to be the first player to build a complete insect. This game is designed for 2nd to 6th grades.

All About Animals
All About Animals is an animal classification game for grades K-5. Players use picture cards or clue cards to categorize animals into the five major groups, competing to be the first to cover their game boards.

Are you concerned about your child's speech development?
Is your child difficult to understand?
Is your child becoming frustrated with his or her speech errors?
Are you interested in helping your child master difficult speech sounds at home?
If you have any of the following concerns you should also check out her speech materials!

As a member of the TOS crew I received the above products free of charge in exchange for an honest review. Any opinions expressed above are mine.

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