Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Super Doubles at Harris Teeter 2/17-2/23!!!

Super Doubles
Harris Teeter will double your coupons up to $1.99.
Here are the specials: (coupon policy below list)

Gorton's 17-24 oz. Seafood
Plumrose Bacon
Pepsi 12 packs
HT Alkaline Batteries (4 ct AA/AAA, 2 ct C/D)
Aquafresh Toothpaste 6 oz Extreme, Advanced, or Whitening
Philips 4 ct. Natural Light Bulbs
Pet Select Pee Pee Pads, 14 ct.
Ken's Salad Dressing, 16 oz.
New England Coffee
17.6-20 lb. Purina Dog Chow or Puppy Chow
18-30 ct. Hefty Easy Grip Cups
Arm and Hammer 20 lb. Scoop Litter
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce
Dei Fratelli 28 oz. Tomatoes
Ken's Marinades
Kellogg's Smart Start Cereal
Old Orchard Apple Blend Juice
9-10 oz. Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts or Whole Cashews
Allens Italian Beans 14.5 oz. or Veg-All 15 oz.
Hamburger Helper
HT Naturals Beef Boneless Top Round London Broil or Top Round Roast
SeaPak Jumbo Butterfly or Tempura Shrimp, 8-9 oz.
Savannah Hushpuppies
Famous Amos Cookies
Nabisco Cheese Nips
Land O Lakes Buttery Spread or Quarters
Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread

50% off:
HT Angus Boneless Roast Beef
HT Fresh Boneless Chicken Breast
Progresso Soup (18.5-19 oz)
Chiquita Bananas
Kellogg's Cereals (Raisin Bran, Raisin Bran Crunch, Raisin Bran Extra)
Ht All Natural Ice Cream, 48 oz.
Purex Detergent, 50 oz.
Fresh Foods Market Pre-Sliced Meats and Cheeses
HT Salad Dressings
HT Cooking Sprays
HT Yourpet Dog Biscuits
10-26 ct. HT Yourhome Trash Bags
40 ct. Gallon or 50 ct. Quart HT Yourhome Recloseable Storage Bags
80 ct. HT Yourhome Fabric Softener Sheets
Smithfield Pork Tenderloin
Boneless Marinated Hormel Pork Loin Fillet
La Brea French or Wheat Baguettes

Snow Crab Clusters 2.99/lb
Tilpia Fillets 3.99/lb
31-40 ct. EZ peel Shrimp 4.99/lb
Sashimi Grade Tuna Steaks 5.99/lb
HT Angus Beef Boneless Lean Stew Meat 3.49/lb
90% Lean Ground Seasoned Meatballs, Meatloaf, or Stuffed Peppers EZ Meals 4.49/lb
HT Rancher Boneless NY Strip Steaks 6.99/lb
HT Angus Beef Boneless Flank Steak 6.99/lb
HT Angus Beef Boneless Round Cube Steak 3.99/lb
HT Angus Beef Boneless Chuck Steak 2.99/lb
Perdue Fresh Ground Chicken 2/$5
Butterball Turkey Bacon and Sausage 2/$5
Perdue Whole Grain & Fun Shape Nuggests 2/$6
OM Sub Sandwiches or Deep Dish Pizza Lunchables 2/$6
John Morrell Off the Bone Lunchmeat 2/$7
OM Beef Franks 2/$7
Jennie-O So Easy Turkey Entrees 2/$7
Hillshire Farm Deli Selects 2/$7
13-17 ct. Head-On White Shrimp 5.99/lb
2 lb. Mahogany Clams 4.99
Cajun Catfish Fillet 5.99/lb
Steakhouse Marinated Salmon 9.99/lb
Alaska Halibut Fillets 11.99/lb
Philips Claw Crab Meat 7.97
Boston Chowda Soups 4.99
Alaska Cod Fillets 4.98/lb
Tryst Lobster, Shrimp, and Crab Dips 3.99

Farmers Market Organix Romaine Hearts 2.99
Tear and Share Garlic or Cheese Bread 3.99
Maple Pecan Danish 3.29
White or Chocolate Cake 7 in. 7.99
Yellow or White American Cheese 3.99/lb
Hard or Genoa Salami 5.99/lb
Redskin Potato Salad 2.99/lb
Blue Cheese or Gorgonzola Saga Cheese Wedges 3.99
Dietz and Watson Homestyle Turkey 6.99/lb
Green or Red Seedless Grapes 2.49/lb
Dole Pineapples 3.99
Florida Strawberries, 1 lb. 2/$6
Mini Carrots 2/$3
Green or White Asparagus 3.79/lb
Broccoli 2/$3
California Navel Oranges 2/$1
Zucchini Squash 1.79/lb
5 lb. Russet Potatoes 2/$6
Fresh Express Salad Mix 2/$6
Peaches, Plums, or Nectarines 2.79/lb
Eastern Red, Gold, Rome, McIntosh, Cortland, or Empire Apples 1.29/lb
Florida Grown Ivy Plants 6.99
Ivy Hanging Baskets 12.99
Sunshine Bouquet 3.99
Spring Tulip Plants 6 in. 5.99

Pepsi 2 liters 5/$6
Aquafina 24 pack 5.99
Lipton Tea 1.5 liter 4/$5
Pepsi 6 packs 2/$5.98
7Up or Diet 7Up 12 packs 3/$10
Nestle Pure Life Water 24 pack 3/$10
Vitamin Water 4 pack 3.39
Sobe 4/$5
Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix 4/$5
Propel Fitness Water 12 pack 5.99
Turkey Hill Tea 2/$4
Ht Naturals 128 oz. Milk 4.99
Tropicana IJ 2/$5
Bolthouse Juice 2/$6

HT Naturals Spinach and Feta Cheese Pizza 5.49
Starbucks or Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream 3/$10
Stouffer's 38 oz. Family Size Lasagna w/ Meat Sauce 5.99
HT Ready Quick Veggies 3/$5
Home Run Inn Pizza 6.99
Ore Ida Shoestrings Potatoes 2.99
Marie Callendar's Dinners 2.97
Edwards Singles 2/$4
Stonyfield 32 oz. Yogurt 2.99
Yoplait Yogurt 10/$5
Sorrento Whole Milk Mozzarella or Ricotta 2/$6
Kraft Single Wrap Cheese 3/$5
Yo Baby 4 ct. Meals 2/$4

Other Foods:
Starkist White Albacore Tuna 5/$5
La Banderita Flour or Whole Wheat Tortillas 2/$4
HT Rich 'n Crisp Crackers 1.99
HT Multigrain Wheat Crackers 2/$5
HT Fig Bars 2/$4
Ortega Taco Sauce or Salsa 2/$3
Welch's Grape Jam or Jelly 2/$4
Pompeian Olive Oil 14.99
Kellogg's Rice Krispy Treats 1.99
BUmble Bee chicken Breast 4/$5
Hunt's Ketchup 2/$3
Chicken of the Sea Solid White Tuna 4/$5
Oreo Cookies 2.99
Quaker Quakes 3/$5
Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruit Snacks 0.89

Yourhome Bleach 2/$3
HT 4 pack Ultra Soft Bath Tissue 2/$4
Yourhome 1 roll Paper Towels 2/$3
Yourhome 3-5 ct. Storage Containers 2.27
HT Antibacterial Foaming Soap 1.79
Yourhome 75 sq. ft. Aluminum Foil 2.59
Selected Baking/Cooking Hand-Foil Products 20% off
40-120 ct. Bayer Aspirin 4.99
Degree or Dove Clinical Deo 5.99
V05 Shampoo or Conditioner 0.79
24-30 ct. Zyrtec 18.99
Gain 100 oz. 9.99
Brawny 8 rolls 5.99
Purina 3.15 lb Cat Chow 2/$8
QUilted Northern 12 double rolls 5.99
Tide 150 oz. 17.99

Harris Teeter Coupon Policy(with a few notes)
We accept coupons that have not passed their expiration date for use; we can not accept any expired coupons.

We accept only one manufacturer coupon per purchased item.
We do not accept coupons on items not purchased.
Coupons must be presented at time of purchase; we can not return money for coupons not used.
Coupons presented and items purchased must match exactly; size, variety, flavor, etc.
We uphold any purchase stipulations set forth by product manufacturer.
We accept only one coupon for Buy One Get One Free items.
We accept coupons for items only of equal or more value; we do not give cash back.
Sales tax is paid by customer at full retail.

We accept 20 double coupons per day per customer/household with VIC card; all others redeemed at face value. No orders may be separated that would allow the 20 coupon limit to be exceeded.
We double manufacturer’s coupons up to face value of $0.99; with total amount not to exceed $1.98 or entire retail of item; whichever is less.
We double up to three identical items with manufacturer coupon; additional coupons for like item will be honored at face value.
No competitor coupons will be doubled or tripled.
In the event of triple coupons, up to 20 coupons will be tripled per day per customer/household with VIC card; all others redeemed at face value. No orders may be separated that would allow the 20 coupon limit to be exceeded. NOTE: The "20 coupons per day per customer/household" is being tracked. Households with more than one card (but having the same address/ph#) will be linked so the entire household, regardless of # of cards, will only be allowed to double/triple 20 coupons per day

Internet Coupons
We gladly accept internet manufacturer’s coupons for product; however no “free” product internet coupons are accepted.
With the purchase of two like manufacturer’s products, we accept two internet coupons, per store, per day. NOTE: This does NOT mean only 2 IPs per transaction. Tricky wording. It means 2 IPs per manufacturer. Thus, if you have (2) internet Dial bodywash coupons AND (2) internet Charmin coupons; then you can use all (4) coupons during one visit.
We do not accept internet coupons that do not appear to be originals or that won’t scan.

Competitor’s Coupons
We gladly accept local competitors’ circular or direct-mail coupons for MONEY OFF THE TOTAL ORDER; we do not take competitor’s coupons for money off specific items.
We do not accept any internet coupons from other retailers.

Rainchecks never expire and are accepted at any Harris Teeter store.
We do not issue rainchecks for coupon items that may be out of stock or for “while supplies last” items.
We reserve the right to limit raincheck quantities based on product availability and advertised limits.
Rainchecks can be written for a limit of three unless otherwise stated in the ad.

Scan Guarantee
Our scan guarantee states “If an item scans higher than the shelf tag or sign, you will receive one like item free, excluding alcohol and tobacco.

Harris Teeter reserves the right to limit quantities in coupon usage, as well as products and to amend our policies as we deem appropriate.

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