Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Happy Mother's Day to some of the best Moms on the planet from
Who says Mother's Day should only last one day? How does 7 days and 28 FREE homeschool resources sound to you? Visit TODAY (Wednesday, May 6th) and then again on the 7th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th for 4 freebies each day! (No freebies on the weekend.)
Here are today's freebies:

Prince Caspian: Living For Christ In A Fallen World

With the upcoming movie release of Prince Caspian, this Unit Study gives you the opportunity to go through the novel, gleaning its great spiritual truths. Includes the following:
Chapter Summaries
Memory Verses for each chapter
Vocabulary/Spelling with each Chapter
Worksheets, Writing Assignments,Word Search, & Crossword Puzzles
Coloring page section
The Unit is excellent for use in school, home or Sunday School.
A wonderful way to present spiritual truths.

Meaninful Bible Copywork Variety
Meaningful copy work is important at all ages . Copy work not
only helps one practice neat writing but given the opportunity
of good and meaningful copy work a child can learn an
abundance of things.
This is a collection of near 60 Bible verses. They range from
short to medium in length and provide a good solid foundation
for memorization at any age.
Presented in 3 formats: Print Copy, Freehand Cursive and
Cursive Tracing, to cover Elementary through High School ages.

A Simple Booklet-Making Kit For Mother's Day
Make a lovely booklet or two for Mother's Day with the variety of sweet templates. These thoughtful but simple booklets are better than store-bought cards! Younger children may need some help, but older children will enjoy making them independently for their mothers. And mothers can use the templates to make Mother's Day booklets for their own moms too!

Arithmetic I
The Arithmetic I workbook focuses on real-world situations that may be effectively analyzed using arithmetic concepts such as addition, subtraction, estimation, division, bar graphs, etc.

Cheap is good, but freebies are better!

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