Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Harris Teeter Specials Dec. 10-16

These specials run Dec. 11-Dec.14(Thurs.-Sun.):

HT ice cream B1Get2 free(3 for about 5.26)

HT chicken Breast boneless B1G2 free (3 for 9.49)

Gold Medal Flour .99

48 wesson veg. or canola oil 2.77

11.5-12 oz nestle morsels 1.99

Totinos's pizza 5/$5 (better price than our walmart)

Bertollli dinner for 2 5.99

Fresh Express Italian salad mix 2/$3

Coles garlic bread B1G1 free

10 pk capri sun drinks 1.77

These sales run all week (10-16)


Fresh split chicken breast .88 lb

new york strip steak 4.99 lb

black label sliced bacon 2/$7

hillshire farn ultra thin lunchmeat 2/$7

oscar mayer bologna B1G1 free

oscar mayer lunchmeat 2/$7

This is the better deal on meat: HT spiral sliced half bone-in smoked ham 1.99 pd

or 2.99 pd for hickory smoked ham


lean cusine flatbread melts 4/$10

birds eye steamfresh veg. broccoli or whole green beans B1G1 free

mama lucia meatballs B1G1 free

cheemo pierogies B1G1 free

pet-ritz pie crusts B1G1 free (use 50c off 2 coupon-doubles to $1)

pillsbury savorings 2/$7 (use 75c off coupon-doubles to $1.50) final price $2

mrs. smith's dutch apple pie 2/$7

haagen-dazs ice cream 2/$6


sargento shredded cheese 2/$6

coffee-mate creamers 2/$4 (use 50c coupon doubled to $1) final price of 1 is $1 or go here for a printable coupon

pillsbury cookies or pie crusts 2/$5 (click on banner below to print out coupons and get coupons in the mail)

pillsbury crescent or cinnamon rolls 3/$5

pillsbury grands biscuits 3/$5

pilly-o ricotts cheese 32 oz. 4.39

kraft single wrap cheese 12 oz 2/$4 (look for display in store for peel off coupons)

canned goods

ocean spray cranberry sauce 1.29

green giant vegetables B1G1 free

le sueur peas 5/$5

french's taste toppers 2.79(50c off 1 doubles to $1) final price $1.79 or go here for a printable coupon

bruces's yams 15 0z .99

dei fratelli pizza sauce 5/$5

ht beans .67

ht ripe olives 1.27


betty crocker cake mix B1G1 free (click on banner below to print out money saving coupons in the mail)

pam 2/$5

ht 32 oz light brown or confectioner sugar 1.27

ghirardelli balking chips 2/$5


pop tarts 4/$7 (55c off coupon doubles to 1.10) final price of 1 is 65c

kashi heart to heart cereal 2/$6

chex cereal 3/$7

honey nut cheerios or raisin nut bran 17 0z 2/$6

chex mix bars 2/$5

cooking ingredients

lea & perrins worscershire sauce 2/$4

mccormick brown gravy packet B1G1 free (25c off 2 doubles to 50c)


2 liter 7 up 2/$2

old orchard apple juice B1G1 free

martinelli's sparking cider 2.99

perrier 25 ounce 3/$5

lipton tea 12 pack 6.49

deer park water 24 pack 3.99

paper and plastic products

quilted northern 6.99

scotties face tissue 3/3.99 (50c off3 doubles to $1) final price 2.99

hefty one zip bags B1G1 free

viva paper towels 2/$4 (75c off 1 doubles to $1.50) final price .50c

hefty plates 50 ct 2/$5

hefty trash bags 14-37 ct 4.99

ht trash bags 3.47 12-35


plantars mixed nuts B1G1 free

planters dry roasted peanuts 2/$6

smart balance popcorn B1G1 free

health and beauty

halls cough drops 2/$3

theraflu full line 3.99 ($1 off coupon and if you have rebate ad, send in for full rebate)

tresemme hair products 1.99

kotex(selected products) 2/$3


34 ounce downy 3.99

50 ounce 2X tide (he) 6.99 ($1 off coupon)

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