Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Old Schoolhouse WeE-books Review

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has generously allowed me to download and review 3 of their newest series of WeE-books. (If you missed my other review of Homework: Juggling Home, Work and School Without Losing Your Balance, go here.)

These booklets contain concise nuggets of wisdom from your favorite home school authors, covering a variety of topics of interest to homeschoolers. WeE-books offer quick, affordable content that educates, inspires and encourages. When you need help, inspiration, and practical advice, you need it now; not a week from now, so The Old Schoolhouse has made WeE-books immediately downloadable to your computer; no waiting, no shipping fees. Having access to a WeE-book is like having your own personal home school support group, made up of experts in the field, ready to discuss what's concerning you today—waiting on your computer.

The three WeE-books I will be reviewing today are
Easy Fund-Raisers for Homeschooling Organizations,
Beating The Summertime Blues and The "Me Time" Myth.

WeE-book, Easy Fund-Raisers for Homeschooling Organizations
Easy Fund-Raisers is a great resource even if you do not belong to a homeschooling organization! This booklet not only suggests the fund raisers that are easiest and most effective but it also points you in the right direction legally concerning taxes, donations and non-profit organizations.

Many fundraising opportunities are in the things you already do! For example, many grocery stores let you link up your members reward card to earn cash back at the end of the year. You can do this as an individual school or as a local organization. Box-tops and pizza lunches are other easy ways to earn a little here and a little there.

Fund-raisers that require a little more time and effort are spaghetti dinners, dinner theatre and yard sales.

What I really appreciate about this booklet is the author reminding us of the bigger picture which is getting our families together to fellowship and that our time is best spent homeschooling!

WeE-book Beating the Summertime Blues
Are you dreading the heat of summer when the newness of vacation has worn off and your kids are asking what is there to do? This upbeat booklet will refresh you like a cool glass of lemonade!
Veteran homeschooler, Kim Kautzer, importantly points out that you, mom, need to find ways to replenish your enthusiasm so that your full cup will spill over to your family. She suggests easy ways to do this such as read that book you have been putting off, take a nap when the kids do or ask the husband to watch the kids while you take a quiet walk!

Even though the kids still need a routine to keep chaos at bay, try setting aside different times during the week for movies, games or a play written by the kids.

Worried that math, reading and writing skills are going to melt out of your children's heads in that hot sun? Find fun ways to keep their minds sharp with puzzles, reading lots of books and exploring different parts of the world online.

I don't know about you but I am already looking forward to singing a line from that old church song, 'It's Summertime down in my heart'! Goodbye Blues!

WeE-book The "Me Time" Myth
This WeE-book is one that encourages us to "examine ourselves in the light of God's Word".
We are so bombarded by the messages all around us that children are a chore and everywhere you look people (including ourselves) are discontent and unthankful. Well, Amy Roberts learned first hand how to gladly trade wishes for 'me time' with the joys of being a wife and mother. You see, they lost their fifth child , Emily, at the age of seven months.

Amy candidly shares with us her journey from trying to escape her daily duties to embracing contentment with the responsibility of caring for little ones and a spouse. She encourages you and me to instead seek out time with the Lord for that longing that tempts us to stray down the wrong path.

The word 'myth' was very appropriate I thought especially after I read several of the definitions givin to it: an unfounded or false notion and a person or thing having only an imaginary or unverifiable existence.

So, as I finish writing this review I feel challenged to examine the places in my life where this 'myth' has distorted the truth. Will you join me?

Thanks again to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for allowing me to
read and review their line of WeE-books!

***If you have any thoughts about these booklets please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!***

Thursday School Freebie 4-30-09

Helping Your Child Become a Reader (PDF ebook)
This booklet offers pointers on how to build the language skills
of young children, and includes a list of typical language
accomplishments for different age groups, suggestions for books,
and resources for children with reading problems or learning disabilities.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Review of the book HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work and School Without Losing Your Balance

Wow! I'll be honest and say when I first read the title that my initial response was,
'yeah, right, that's for all those people out there that are at the home school conventions and have these awesome websites and here I am just trying to figure out how to run my still tiny Once Upon A Qpon site that desperately needs redesigning which I still don't know how to do yet!'. That response changed instantly, however, as I read about everyday people like you and me that are not the super people we envision them to be. They are simply passionate about wanting to be at home with their children and working (the key word here) to make it possible.

These home businesses were created in various ways. Some were born out of financial need while other families shared and then marketed a talent in their family. The one thread that wove these families together was a beautiful picture of times past when families worked together for the common good. No matter what kind of learner your child is, a home-based business can be there to teach them necessary life skills while also learning the 3 R's. Character building, socializing with all age groups, good work ethics and entrepreneurial skills are built in naturally.

I'll provide for you a few brief examples of the families (16 in all) that I read about.

My personal favorite was the one about Rebekah Wilson and how her book, The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love, came about. I own this book myself and this it is one of those that I tell others to order but really don't want to share. She was writing a letter to an hope chest company one day and it turned into a really long letter which her husband informed her should be a book! From that point on, the Lord took them on a great adventure!
By the way, they, like me, also suffer from bibliomania (the preoccupation with collecting books). At one point in time, the Wilson's had a personal library of about 7,ooo books!

One of the families had a story that I thought would be very inspiring to those who have a spouse in the military. Instead of packing and unpacking every time they had to move, the Cook family chose to live in a motor home where their business was born, The Recycled Jeans Company. Amy Cook said they are having 'Tons of Fun!'.

No matter where you are in the home based business or homeschooling journey this book is a great read. There are tips for organizing, ideas for different homeschooling approaches and every family situation you can think of. These testimonies come from small and large families, families that dealt with autism, ADD and challenging learning styles.

Here are a few of HomeWork's chapter headings: A Labor of Love, Computer Based, Creative Writing, Business Support, Tricks of the Trade and Helpful Internet Resources. You can find out more on how to obtain this invaluable resource at The Old Schoolhouse Store.

Do you have a story similar to one of these families or maybe an home based business idea that has been a dream of yours? Are you interested in homeschooling, just started or a veteran homeschooler that can offer a piece of advice. I would love to hear from you so please take the time to share your thoughts by posting a comment!

I would like to end this review by saying 'Thank You' to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for giving me a chance to read this motivating book, HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work, and School Without Losing Your Balance


Wednesday School Freebie 4-29-09

"FIMMology 101" Sampler (PDF ebook)
FIMM (Foot in Mouth Man) is's Mascot and resident
MIS-communicator, who sticks his foot in his mouth so often he has Athlete's
Tongue! Your kids can laugh AND learn from his mistakes in this creative and fun
communication studies sampler.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesdays Tournaments 4/28 - 5/5

Link your giveaway for free here!
Remember to list your prize, end date and site. Please list family friendly prizes only!

Have you entered the giveaways I have going on right now?
If not, here are the links:

All You Magazine Subscription Giveaway Ends4/30
200 coupons giveaway Ends 4/30
The Hope Chest Record Book Giveaway Ends 5/9
Spoonfuls of Stories Giveaway Ends 5/3
What's For Dinner Gift Basket Giveaway Ends 4/40

Good Luck!

Tuesday School Freebie 4-28-09

Home Management Nuts & Bolts: Schedules and Budgets (video)
An excellent 50 minute audio-visual presentation on managing your schedule
and household finances presented by Marc Carrier of

Dove Deoderant Sample
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Another Freebie
Free Charmin Extender

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday School Freebie 4-27-09

"One of the 28th" by G. A. Henty (MP3 audio)
A great dramatization of master story-teller G. A. Henty's classic book
of pirates and the War of 1812, "One of the 28th". Follow the adventures
of young Ralph Conway as he becomes the captive of "King of the Sea" Captain
Kelly, aboard the deadly pirate ship "Belle Marie". Great historical action and

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Greenhouse Management & Production
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Organize Your Books Freebie

Free E-book

This short and to the point e-book offers a 4 step process on how to get your books organized.

Written directly to and for children and teens!
Moms & Dads may find it helpful in organizing their own books too!
I need this one!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Interview with Kathryn from Maidens of Virtue and The Hope Chest Record Book Giveaway - CLOSED

This giveaway has closed!
About a week or so ago, I discovered Maidens of Virtue on another site's giveaway page and am delighted for you to get to know a little more about it today with the following interview:
1. Tell us about yourself and your site, Maidens of Virtue.
My name is Kathryn and I am 17 years old. I've been homeschooled my whole life, and absolutely love it! I am currently living at home on 6 beautiful acres with my wonderful parents and younger sister, as well as two cats. :-)

I started Maidens of Virtue back in January of 2007. My inspiration came from the book by Stacy McDonald, “Raising Maidens of Virtue.” I was paging through the book one day and thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website with encouraging information like this for young ladies?” So much of our culture has an emphasis on independence and telling girls they can do it all on their own and be just like men, and I wanted to put a website out there that promoted the Biblical perspective of womanhood and daughterhood. Since then it has taken off much more than I ever thought it would; I did no advertising at all beyond emailing my friends and telling them about it, and yet I get a pretty steady flow of traffic to the site. I’m thankful the Lord has blessed it so much!

2.Do you have a blog?
Yes; it’s called The Girlhood Gazette and you can reach it from the main website or by typing in I started the blog as another avenue of encouragement, and as a place where I could post things I probably wouldn’t post on the website. While I do update the website once in a while, I post on the blog much more often.

3. You have a lot of interesting articles on your site, which one would you recommend most for mothers to read and which one for daughters?
Hmmm... I don’t know if I could say just one but probably for daughters, of the articles I myself have written, “Helping & Serving Your Knight in Shining Armor” (, Maidenly Deportment (, and Setting an Example ( are the ones I would most recommend. I think Maidenly Deportment applies to mothers as well. I also have a page of articles written by other authors, and I think of those I would highly recommend “Romance?” for both moms and girls.

4. I also enjoyed reading your poetry section and wondered if there is one poem that is particularly meaningful to you?
Well, I have to say that so many of the submissions I receive for the poetry page shows the exceptional talent of the authors! Probably the most meaningful poem for me is “Corner Pillars” - a dear friend of mine wrote it for me for one of my birthdays, so it is special to me!

5. While looking through your shop items, Sew Smoothly caught my eye. Would you tell us a little about this?
The Sew Smoothy was “invented” by my grandmother. It is designed to help prevent tangles in thread when hand sewing. Before you knot your thread, pass it through the pad once or twice, and it conditions the thread which helps it to glide more smoothly through the fabric and reduces the chance of getting knots. We gave one to an elderly lady who did a lot of hand sewing and she kept telling us how wonderful it was!

6. What about this essay contest you have going on right now?
In 2007 to help boost traffic and just for fun, I had a poetry contest and decided to make it an annual event. This year for something different it’s an essay contest. It’s open to all young ladies 9 through 25, broken into two categories with prizes in each category. We have a lot of great prizes this year and the first three entrants in each category will also receive a little gift from us. The topic is True Beauty for both categories. The deadline is May 1st (snail mail entries have to be postmarked by that date), unless I have to extend it as I have both previous contests. :-)

7. Please tell us now about the book you are providing for this giveaway, The Hope Chest Record Book.
I put the book together as a way for young ladies to keep a record of the items they make or receive for their hope chests. It would be easy to fill the chest and then years later, not remember who gave you what and when or why, or when you made a specific item and other details. I think it is especially important to record the history of family heirlooms that have been passed down. Another point is that when you write down the details of what is now a new item, generations down the road will have that record when those things become heirlooms.

8. Last question: If you could only put 10 things in a hope chest, what would they be?
Oh, wow, that’s a tough question! Personally I think the most practical things for a hope chest are linens, etc. as dishes, pots and pans take up too much room (not that there is anything wrong with collecting those). Here is my list which was rather difficult to come up with. :-)

• Handmade quilt for master bed
• Set of sheets (embroidered!)
• A feminine apron
• Recipe box w/ favorite family recipes
• Napkin/Tablecloth set
• Set of towels
• Pot holders
• A nice big, comfy afghan!
• A tea set
• A Bible

Thanks, April, this was fun!


Kathryn, thank you for such enjoyable answers and for providing this great resource to give away!
O.K. Readers, here are the different ways you can earn entries (1 entry for each comment)
Mandatory first entry! Visit Maiden's of Virtue's shoppe and tell us your favorite item. Your other entries will not count if you do not do this!
2. Visit The Girlhood Gazette and leave an encouraging comment on one of Kathryn's posts.
Leave a comment with a link to that post.
3. Let me know you are a subscriber to Once Upon A Qpon..
4. Blog about this and leave a link in your comment.
5. Follow this blog.
6. Follow me on twitter @onceuponaqpon, leave a comment with your twitter name.
7. Tweet about this giveaway and leave a link in your comment.
8. Answer this question: What is a skill that you wish you would have learned growing up that would have helped you now?
Mine is sewing!
This giveaway will end May 9, 2009.


What's For Dinner Gift Basket Review and Giveaway - CLOSED

Are any of you kitchen gadget collector's? Well, I'm not, so when a gift basket from
My Blog Spark came in the mail, it was timely!
This is the state of my current colander:

This is my new colander from the gift basket!
My children enjoyed the gift basket too. Dixie loves to grate cheese with this nifty grater and Elijah of course loves using utensils to help me out in the kitchen.

Now, we get to the really good stuff. This new dinner kit from Romano's Macaroni Grill called Creamy Basil Parmesan Chicken & Pasta included linguine pasta, grated parmesan and romano cheese blend, basil and cheese seasoning, creamy sauce and sun-dried tomatoes. Add to it about 1 pd. of your choice of meat and a few veggies on the side and you have a delicious complete meal! My family loves the noodles! You can also find a $1 coupon here.

My Blog Spark has been generous enough to offer THREE "What's For Dinner" gift baskets for me to give away to three of my readers. Each gift basket includes a sample of the Creamy Basil Parmesan Chicken Pasta variety, three coupons for you to try the other varieties the next time you visit your local grocer, a colander, serving spoon and cheese grater.

You may do any of these to earn one entry each for this giveaway:
Remember to leave a separate comment for each one and a contact email on at least one of your comments. This contest will end April 30, 2009.
1. Let me know you are a subscriber.
2. Blog about this and leave a comment with a link.
3. Follow me on twitter @onceuponaqpon and leave a comment with your twitter name.
4. Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment with the link.
5. Follow this blog.
6. Answer the following question:
What is your favorite thing to talk about with your family at the dinner table?

Good luck!


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Friday, April 24, 2009

Spoonfuls of Stories Gift Set Review and Giveaway

I have a confession to make: I am a bibliomaniac! Now, before you get too worried, that just means I have an extreme preoccupation with collecting books. My husband sarcastically asks once and a while if we need a couple of more bookshelves. I say to him 'Don't tempt me!'.
Seriously, I have to read every day. The only time I do not read is when I have a bad headache. When it goes away, I make up for lost time!
So, when I got the Spoonfuls of stories Gift Set in the mail, I was pretty excited. My kids were too. They have also been diagnosed with bibliomania. Hopefully, it is incurable!
We read all the books together and I asked them each to choose their favorite one.
Here are the results:

Dixie chose The Great Dog Wash.

Redd chose Duck for President

Rusty chose when Dinosaurs came with everything

Elijah chose Mono y yo, Monkey and Me

Over the past seven years, Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories has given away more than 35 million children's books by distributing them free inside cereal boxes and has donated nearly $3 million to First Book, their non-profit partner, which provides books to children from low-income families.

In addition to encouraging children to read, Cheerios is looking for anyone interested in writing children's books. Now in its third year, the Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories New Author Contest is a way to encourage previously unpublished, up-and-coming children's book authors and to continue to nurture a love of reading. Entries are being accepted March 16 through July 15, 2009 and will be judged on appropriate story and content for children ages 3-8, emotional connection, writing quality, uniqueness, and read-aloud potential. More details on the contest can be found here.

Shellie Braeuner, the first year's winner, won for her book "The Great Dog Wash". This nanny from Nashville won a $5,000 cash prize and the opportunity to have her book reviewed by Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing. Simon & Schuster offered Shellie a book deal - and will publish her book, illustrated by Robert Neubecker, in hardcover this summer. In addition, Cheerios will be featuring "The Great Dog Wash" free inside 1.5 million boxes of Cheerios. The book has been specially printed in paperback in both English and Spanish and will be available free inside boxes of Cheerios this spring.

My Blog Spark has generously offered me to give one of these gift sets which includes all 4 books to one of my readers! You may earn one entry for doing any or all of the following:
1. Let me know you are a subscriber.
2. Follow this blog.
3. Follow me on twitter @onceuponaqpon and leave a comment with your twitter name.
4. Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment with the link.
5. Answer the following question:If you could be a character from a children's book, who would it be?
This contest will end May 3rd, 2009.
Good Luck! I hope that you too will become a bibliomaniac!


Cyndi Kinney From Knowledge Box Central Is Coming To My Town!

I am so excited about this! If you have not subscribed to Cyndi Kinney's newsletter,
'Redhead Ramblings', you are missing out! She gives great advice, has awesome products and has a great sense of humor.
The really cool news though is that I have been able to arrange with her a seminar in my hometown. I live in Moore County in a cluster of small towns, the most famous being
Pinehurst (golf country). So, if you live in North Carolina, go here to get more information about attending this seminar. Here are some of the topics that will be covered:

Cooking Up Some Fun - How To Teach In The Kitchen
This is a really fun session where we talk about how to teach different subjects from the kitchen. We talk about including all of the senses in order to improve memory. We show you how to study history, geography, math, language arts, and more...all in the fun of your kitchen!

Lies Homeschool Moms Believe

This is a session that involves a lot of laughing. We talk a lot about all of the
stereotypical homeschool myths and how to break FREE from those stereotypes and feel GOOD about it. Most homeschooling moms are prone to believing lies such as not being good enough, not being qualified, ruining your children....and they crumble under the weight of homeschooling. We teach you to recognize these lies and combat them with the truth....while we have FUN. I teach this one using a lot of materials from a book by Todd Wilson (with his permission).

Lapbooking (General)
This is a session where we talk about what lapbooks are and how to integrate them into your curriculum. I cover general guidelines for using them in different subjects.


Friday School Freebie

Our Springtime Homeschool Video Fest!
This freebie is good Friday-Sunday!
Catch our Spring collection of great streaming videos -
fun, educational viewing for all ages! Your kids will LOVE these.
Make 'em get their schoolwork done first, because they'll want to
watch these over and over.
(Psst: If you know of a cool online video that other families would
love to see, send us a link and we may include it in our Friday fest!)

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

200 Coupons To Give Away 4-24-09 - CLOSED

More coupons To Give Away: This contest will end April 30, 2009.
You may earn entries by doing any of the following:
1. 1 entry for letting me know you are a subscriber
2. 1 entry for following this blog
3. 1 entry for linking to this giveaway. Leave a comment with the link.
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5. 1 entry for this: Share a kind thought or memory you have of time spent with your mom.
Please leave your contact email on at least one of your comments!

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Each issue of TEACH covers a specific topic, topics that are relevant and revealing for homemakers and homeschoolers.
You will get tips and advice from our team of wonderful writers or should we say experienced from Wives and Mothers just like yourself.

Publisher Lorrie Flem, herself is a mother of eight children and has been married to her sweet husband Randy for many happy years. Lorrie has done many speaking engagements throughout the countrythat have been and inspiration to all who have attended.

Go here to take advantage of this great offer!


Thursday School Freebie

The Velveteen Rabbit (PDF storybook)
The classic children's story by Margery Williams, with the original
illustrations included. If you've never shared this with your kids before,
then you are in for a huge treat. Get out the tissues, cuddle up
and share one of the best vintage storybooks ever. Highly recommended!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday School Freebie

Helping Your Child Learn Science (PDF ebook)
Great little guide on introducing science and scientific thought to younger
students, with many illustrations & hands on experiments & activities.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Reusable Organic Bag from Aveeno

On Earth Day (April 22nd) go here for a chance to receive one of the limited edition AVEENO® ENVIROSAX® reusable organic cotton bags and a sample of the new AVEENO® NOURISH+ Hair Care Collection shampoo and conditioner.
Thanks Sisterly Savings!

Knowledge Box Central - Your Source For Homeschool Adventures!
April 21st through April 24th at midnight) - 50% Off Ebooks ONLY -


Free Tote At Walgreens

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Dining On A Dime Giveaway Winner 4-20-09

Congratulations to Sarah C for winning the book Dining On A Dime by Tawra Kellam from the site Living On A Dime. I have sent you an email with the subject line

'You won the book Dining On A Dime'. Please respond within 48 hours or I will have to pick a new winner.

Thanks for entering this giveaway everybody!


200 Coupon Giveaway Winner 4-19-09

Congratulations to always_317537! I sent you an email with the subject line "You won 200 coupons". Please respond with your address info within the next 48 hours.

O.K. Here's something really embarrassing and dumb I did that I realized last night. I clicked on the link to my twitter home page and it was titled 'yourlink' and I thought well maybe I entered my name wrong or something when I went to get my twitter button. So, I go to get a new button and realize that I should have typed my name in the spot where it says yourlink. I never even looked at what I was copying and pasting, I just assumed everything was done for me.
Always a big mistake to assume! So, anyway, if you are following 'yourlink' on twitter, that is not me! Follow me here on twitter.

Now, my giveaways are pretty small compared to this one over at Resourceful Mommy.
Go here to win an Oasis Garden. This prize, pictured below is being provided by
Backyard Botanical Inventor Lisa Singer. Go take a look at her blog here. See how you can enter to win this at Resourceful Mommy.


Tuesday School Freebie

Math Can Be Fun! by Terri Johnson (PDF ebook)
From Homeschooling comes this helpful, practical guide to making math
more enjoyable and natural for your kids... complete with lesson samples,
examples and fun activities!

Printable Coupon
Vo5 Shampoo/conditioner $1 off 4

Lysol $3 mail in rebate offer

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Tuesdays Tournaments

Wow, this week flew by! It's time to link your giveaway for free again! For those of you that are new to this page, please list Family Friendly giveaways only!
To make it easier for everybody please leave prize, end date and site name in your link.
Thank You!
Good Luck!

Clearance Sale at Sweet Boutique

I just got this email from Sweet Boutique. Sounds like a great sale! Go see.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Monday School Freebie

101 Ways to Save Money on your Homeschooling! (PDF ebook)
Are you looking for ways to save money on homeschool books and curriculum?
Want to use your resources more wisely? Then check out this nifty little
compilation of 101 clever tips, tactics and ideas compiled by Carletta Sanders
to help you stretch your hard earned dollars a lot further in your
homeschooling efforts. Some great stuff in this - glean and $ave!

Printable Coupons
Uncle Ben's $1 off 2
Post Trail Mix Crunch $2

Free subscription to STORES Magazine - STORES Magazine provides a unique perspective on the retail industry and is essential reading for retail executives. (US & Canada)

Week-Long Summer Anatomy & Physiology Camp
College professor and 14 year veteran homeschool dad, Greg Landry, is offering several week-long summer Anatomy and Physiology Camps for 9th - 12th grade students. He also offers a one day camp for 6th - 12th grade students.
These camps are held in Greg's Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab on the Campus of Appalachian State University in the North Carolina Mountains.
Students travel from throughout the U.S. and Canada to attend our unique camps. Days are spent in the lab working with human cadavers, physiological experiments, organ dissections, and more. Evenings are spent doing group activities such as spending time with a Christian doctor, eating at a restaurant together, recreation center night, etc.
Go here for more information.
Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes $1 off any
Aveeno product coupons

Free tape measure from Help You Diet
Free reusable tote for educators


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Skill Builders Writing Giveaway Winner!

Congratualtions to worldsgreatest mommy! I've sent you an email. Please respond within 48 hours or I will have to pick a new winner.

Timestamp: 2009-04-18 17:24:23 UTC

All You Magazine Giveaway - CLOSED


I entered a giveaway at Womanly Excellence about a week ago and on my birthday won a subscription to All You Magazine to give away to one of my readers! That was an unexpected birthday gift! Most of you know, but for those of you who don't, All You Magzine is sold exclusively at Walmart and each monthly issue is full of coupons and savings advice.
So, here are the many different ways you can enter. (1 entry for each of these and please leave a separate comment for each and a contact email on at least one of your entries) The entries do not have to be in any particular order just whichever ones you feel like doing!
This contest will end April 30.
1. Let me know you are a subscriber to my blog, Once Upon A Qpon.
2. Follow my blog.
3. Blog about this giveaway and leave a link in your comment.
4. Follow me on twitter @onceuponaqpon.
5. Tweet about this giveaway and leave a link in your comment.
6. Subscribe to Womanly Excellence, leave a comment saying so.
7. Follow Womanly Excellence, leave a comment about that.
8. Follow Womanly Excellence on twitter, leave the link to your twitter home page.
9. Last but not least: I am in the process of learning how to redesign my site. I have picked a couple of ideas and would like to know your thoughts. So, even if you do not typically leave comments to win a giveaway, at least leave one giving me your opinion on the following pictures below. If you have any other suggestions or tips for me as I do this please leave them in this comment. Since the name of my site is Once Upon A Qpon, I've been thinking of themes with castles, princesses etc. I welcome honest opinions!

Ideas: stay with 2 column or go with 3?

Good luck and Thank You!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Win an Organic Eco Friendly Diaper Cake by Grow In Style!

This would make a great shower gift.

Go here to see how many ways you can enter this giveaway by Grow In Style!

Organizationally Challenged?

Go here to Really, Are You Serious? to win a pretty awesome package of products from Peter Walsh, an organizational expert. This item is sold exclusively at Office Max.

I need these! This blog is one of the most organized things I have ever accomplished!


500 Gillete Razors Being Given Away Every Day Till May 16!

Go here to sign up for yours. If all the razors are gone for today, sign up to get a reminder email that will get sent to your inbox right before they offer the next 500. This will go till May 16.


Vision Forum Internships

Read what Doug Phillips,President and Founder of Vision Forum, has to say:
Vision Forum is pleased to announce our upcoming internships for 2009. The internships — which emphasize biblical manhood, practical business skills, and preparation for Christian leadership — are available to Christian, home-educated young men who possess a servant’s spirit, a teachable heart, and a desire to work hard serving a ministry devoted to the restoration of the Christian family. General Track Internship
Vision Forum will be accepting applications for its general track internship to run for approximately six months — August 3, 2009, through January 29, 2010. Our general track exposes interns to a wide range of opportunities to serve the Lord with us at Vision Forum. Interns in the general track will typically experience a rotating schedule through a variety of business operations. Interns may also be assigned special research projects and receive additional time in classes and training. A small monthly stipend will be granted to accepted applicants to assist with basic living expenses. Application deadline is May 15, 2009.
Click here for more information and to download an application.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friday School Freebie
This awesome freebie is good Friday thru Sunday.
Listen My Children - The Story of Paul Revere's Ride (MP3 Audio)
FIRST UP up this a great half hour audio story about
Revere's long life and influence, including the events of
that fateful night, as originally dramatized on the radio
program "Cavalcade of America", in December, 1952.

"Listen My Children" Listening Guide (PDF ebooklet) -
Next, you'll want to use this PDF discussion guide with
background info and questions to accompany the above audio program.

Paul Revere's Ride (MP3 audio) - Next, we have a SECOND
classic audio for you: A wonderful dramatic performance of
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's classic poem,
"Paul Revere's Ride" as performed by Frederic March.
If your kids have never heard it, they are missing
out on one of the quintessential American poems. Give it a listen!

And FINALLY, they also have a neat PDF art study lesson focusing
on paintings & sculptures depicting Paul Revere (as well as
the Minutemen), courtesy of Yes You Can! Publications.
This is lots of fun and a great way to combine history
with art appreciation & hands-on activities to boot.

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Land 0' Lakes products
Home Solutions(food, cleaners, etc.)
Chinet Napkins $1 brick coupon
Chinet Casuals(plates) $1 brick coupon


Free Book Summary (This normally costs $9!)
"Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Powerful Lessons in Personal Change"
(USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom )

Shop 4 Freebies
100% Real Freebies! Updated with a complete new list of Free Stuff every 24 hours.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thursday School Freebie
The Mother Goose Coloring Book, Vol. 1 (PDF ebook)
Vintage illustrations and cartoons of classic Mother Goose rhymes,
ready for printing and coloring! Delightful collection.

Arm & Hammer
Go here to sign up for $10 in coupons.

French's Foods
Go here to sign up for their coupons.

Pedigree Coupon
Pedigree + Canned Dog Food B1G1 free brick coupon
Wednesday School Freebie
The House That You Live In (PDF ebook)
Wonderful Vintage Anatomy lesson guide for little learners.
Q&A lessons that are so extremely well done, we know you'll really,
really enjoy using this lesson guide with your younger children
(Grades 1-3).

Printable Coupons
Buy 1 Sierra Mist Ruby Splash and Get 1 Free Brick Coupon
Healthy Choice Meals $1 off 2

BJ's free 60 day membership Pass
Print your FREE 60-DAY Shopping Pass here and bring it to your nearest Club today.
Hurry — pass must be activated by 7/6/09.

Free Samples
Fresh Up wants you to experience FRESH UP for yourself, and for a limited time only, they are offering FREE product samples on a first-come, first-serve basis. Register today* for your free sample! This offer is valid for one person per mailing address, and samples will be sent via regular mail.

Website Magazine
Free subscription to Website Magazine - A free magazine offering practical advice and helpful tools from industry experts to help any website achieve Internet success. (US)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dining On A Dime Giveway-Closed

Tawra Kellam at Living On A Dime has graciously offered to give away one copy of
Dining On A Dime (print book or e-book) to one of my readers!
She is also having a mega sale April 14-20: This giveaway will also end April 20.
Here is the mandatory first entry:
First, go visit Living On A Dime and come back and leave a comment telling me your favorite product. You must do this for your other entries to count!
After you do this, here is how to earn other entries: Please leave a separate comment for each.
1. Leave a comment letting me know you are a subscriber to Once Upon A Qpon..
2. Let me know you are a follower to Once Upon A Qpon..
3. Follow me on twitter @onceuponaqpon.
4. Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment with the link.
5. Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment with the link.
6. Add me to your blogroll.
7. Follow Tawra's blog and come back and leave a comment.

Here's more about the sale:
Order the Dining On A Dime print book and get it for 50% off of the retail price.
Save Even More! Buy 3 copies of Dining On A Dime and get 1 FREE!

But because we really want to make space in the garage -- er, warehouse, we're offering a FREE COPY of Dining On A Dime when you purchase 3. If you buy all 3 together, you can get them AND a 4th copy for $29.85, over 63% off the regular price!

Additional Free Bonus Offers!
As an added bonus, we'll also throw in these free gifts from some of our homemaking and homeschool friends, valued at $112.88, but free with this special Mother's Day Sale offer:

The Following Creative Homemaking e-books from Rachel Paxton at
Salad Dressing Recipes
Soups & Chowders
Crock Pot Recipes
Muffin Recipes
Cake Recipes
Jello Salad Recipes
Quick Bread Recipes
Zucchini Recipes
The Beginner's Guide to Preserving
Make Pizza at Home
Mexican Cooking
Healthy Breakfast Smoothies
4 Holiday E-Books
Spring Cleaning Checklist
50 Budget Kitchen Decorating Ideas
Top Ten Professional Scrapbooking Techniques
Make-it-Yourself Hair & Skin Care Products
Make-it-Yourself Household Cleaning Products
Party Games and Activities for Kids
Keeping Kids Busy

"98 Popcorn Recipes" e-book
"Cheesecake Recipes" e-book
"Cooking Chinese Style" e-book

You'll receive a link to these bonus items when you place your order for one or more of our package deals, so you can enjoy those resources right away. And then, about a week later, you'll receive the print book package in the mail, with your books and bonus ready to bless YOUR friends and family!

Good Luck!

School Freebie

Tuesday, April 14 School Freebie
Hand Sewing Lessons (PDF ebook)
Originally published in 1905, this is a great THREE YEAR course in hand sewing
basics designed for home or school instruction. This is quite different than the
sewing resource we offered months ago. Lots of helpful instructions for the
teacher, with many projects and ideas for teaching.

There's a great rebate that's out right now. Purchase five of any of the products listed above and you'll get $5 in special savings coupons.

Printable Coupons
Wholly Guacamole $1 off 1
Colgate Wish 50 cents

Monday, April 13, 2009

Free Book of the Week at CurrClick

Here is what CurrClick has to say:
"This is the first unit in what will become a collection of units centered on the 7 days of creation. The unit studies are written to encourage further research, but because it includes all the necessary material to do a thorough study, it is quite self-contained. This was done specifically with less developed areas in mind, where a library or the internet is not always readily available or only available at certain times.
The unit study contains a book of 15 pages, which contains all the basic information needed to understand light and its properties.
There are 15 worksheets (some with added information not contained in the book) that can be done by the child after reading the information. The formal worksheets can be included in lapbooks or notebooks.
The suggested hands-on activities either have instructions included or internet links to sites where detailed instructions can be found. Links for further research are also included.
Activities are divided into three levels, to help the parent customize their children’s learning or to accommodate different ages or levels of ability.
Each section includes Bible verses that correspond to the section and memory cards are included in the package.
It is my hope that this study will bless all who work with it, as it bears witness of the Light of the world, Jesus. "

Go win a $25 Outback Gift Certificate

On Our Way is giving away a $25 gift certificate to the Outback. Go here to see all the different ways you can enter!